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East Texas Food Bank


East Texas Food Bank

Fighting Hunger, Empowering Communities



The East Texas Food Bank is an influential organization committed to fighting hunger and empowering communities in East Texas. With a rich history of 35 years, the food bank has recently appointed David Emerson as its new Chief Executive Officer, bringing fresh leadership to their mission. They work tirelessly to address food insecurity and provide support to families in need through strategic initiatives and partnerships.


Vision and Mission: Feeding Hope, Building Stronger Communities

The East Texas Food Bank operates with a clear vision and mission:


  1. Vision: The organization envisions a future where no individual or family in East Texas goes hungry. They strive to create communities where everyone has access to nutritious food and the resources needed to thrive.


  1. Mission: This organization’s mission is to alleviate hunger and improve people’s lives by providing them with food, emotional support, and educational opportunities. They want to have a significant and long-lasting effect on people on an individual level, as well as on families and the community as a whole.


Services Offered

The East Texas Food Bank offers a range of services and initiatives to combat food insecurity and empower individuals. Some of their key services include:


  1. Food Distribution: Through strategic partnerships and increased distributions, the food bank aims to provide access to nutritious food for individuals and families facing hunger.


  1. Resource Centers: The food bank has established resource centers that offer comprehensive support services to families in need. These centers serve as a hub for accessing not only food but also additional resources such as job training, education, and social services.


  1. Partnerships: Collaborating with local organizations, businesses, and community leaders is a vital aspect of the East Texas Food Bank’s strategy. These partnerships strengthen their efforts to fight hunger and address the underlying causes of food insecurity.


  1. Strategic Plan: Feeding Families Across East Texas


The East Texas Food Bank has developed a strategic plan to address food insecurity in their 26-county area by 2025. With the support of generous donations, including a significant contribution of $9 million from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott, the food bank aims to make a substantial impact on hunger in East Texas. The plan includes:


  1. Increased Distributions: The food bank aims to distribute 32 million meals annually throughout East Texas by expanding their distribution networks and collaborating with partner agencies.


  1. Establishment of Resource Centers: Families that are struggling financially get a vast array of services from resource centers, the primary aim of which is not only the provision of food aid but also the elimination of the underlying factors that contribute to food insecurity.


  1. Partnerships & Collaboration: It recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships to achieve their mission. By working closely with community organizations, businesses, and government entities, they can maximize their impact and create sustainable solutions to hunger.



The East Texas Food Bank is a pioneering organization that is committed to reducing the prevalence of hunger in East Texas and fostering the growth of healthier communities. With their strategic plan, partnerships, and community-focused approach, they are making significant strides in reducing food insecurity. By distributing millions of meals annually and establishing resource centers, they provide vital support to individuals and families in need. Through the generosity of donors like Mackenzie Scott, the Food Bank is driving positive change and bringing hope to East Texans facing hunger.



Address: 3201 Robertson Road Tyler, TX 75701

Phone:  +1 903-597-3663


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