Esther Community Enterprise (ECE)
Esther Community Enterprise (ECE)


Esther Community Enterprise (ECE)

Esther Community Enterprise (ECE) is a non-profit company that offers crucial services to underserved areas in the United Kingdom. The group, founded in 2006, seeks to empower people and families via a variety of programmes and activities that promote health and well-being, education, and community cohesiveness.

One of the most important services given by ECE is the Food Bank Program, which assists individuals in food insecurity or catastrophe. With this programme, ECE offers basic food supplies to families and people who are struggling to make ends meet as a result of financial hardship, job loss, or other obstacles. Local supermarkets, companies, and volunteers give food and their time to assist the Food Bank Program.

The Health and Well-being Program is another service given by ECE. This programme gives counselling, support, and assistance to persons battling with mental health concerns, addiction, and other difficulties. Individuals may obtain the assistance and support they need to overcome their obstacles and reach their full potential in a secure, supportive atmosphere provided by the programme.

ECE also offers educational programmes for children and adolescents that seek to develop their reading and numeracy abilities, as well as their knowledge and comprehension of the world around them. Also, the organisation offers job and training opportunities to young people, allowing them to develop vital skills and experience that will allow them to create successful professions in the future.

Overall, Esther Community Enterprise is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people and families in the United Kingdom, especially those experiencing financial difficulty, social isolation, and other difficulties. Through a variety of programmes and projects, ECE is making a significant impact in the lives of people most in need.



Address: 23 Ramsey Court
Church Street
United Kingdom


Phone:  +44 (0)20 3417 8595


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