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Facing Hunger Foodbank


Facing Hunger Foodban

Feeding Communities, Inspiring Hope


Introduction Facing Hunger Foodbank

Foodbank is a transformative organization that brings together volunteers, donors, and agencies to address food insecurity in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. With a strong commitment to serving the community, the food bank plays a pivotal role in feeding nearly 130,000 people each year across 17 counties. Through its collaborative efforts, Facing Hunger Foodbank strives to provide nourishment and hope to individuals and families in need.


Addressing Soaring Demand and Challenges

Facing Hunger Food Bank has been at the forefront of meeting increased demand, especially in the face of new challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The organization has experienced higher demand for its services, while also encountering operational challenges such as declines in volunteers and retail donations. Despite these obstacles, Facing Hunger Food Bank remains steadfast in its mission to ensure that no one goes hungry in the communities it serves.


Making an Impact Through Donations

Supporting Facing Hunger Foodbank through donations has a profound impact on the lives of those in need. Every dollar contributed translates into providing nine meals to individuals facing food insecurity. By donating to the food bank, individuals and organizations directly contribute to helping children focus better in school, assisting families in times of crisis, and making a positive difference in the community. The power of each donation extends far beyond a meal, offering hope and opportunities for a brighter future.


Inspiring Portraits of Resilience

Facing Hunger Foodbank’s impact is beautifully portrayed through compelling portraits that reflect the challenges faced by vulnerable community members. These powerful images capture the strength and determination of individuals who are affected by food insecurity, as well as the unwavering commitment of the organization to support them. The portraits serve as a reminder of the importance of addressing hunger and the resilience of communities in overcoming adversity.



Facing Hunger Foodbank is an indispensable force in the fight against hunger in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. By bringing together volunteers, donors, and agencies, the organization works tirelessly to provide nourishment and hope to individuals and families facing food insecurity. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Facing Hunger Food Bank remains dedicated to its mission, ensuring that communities have access to vital resources. Through donations and community support, the food bank continues to make a profound impact, transforming lives and inspiring resilience in the face of adversity.





Address: 1327 7th Ave Huntington, WV, United States, West Virginia 25701


Phone:  304-523-6029

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