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Feeding San Diego
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Feeding San Diego

Founded in 2007, Feeding San Diego is a non-profit organization dedicated to salvaging and distributing food to those in need in San Diego County. The mission of the organization is to eradicate starvation in the community and provide nutritious sustenance to those in need.

From June 1, 2021 to July 30, 2022, Organization will have distributed 35,077,476 meals, rescued 27,920,069 pounds of food, and avoided 24,849 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

A Dedicated partner

Organization is a dedicated partner of the nation’s foremost hunger relief organization, Feeding America. Organization can provide four meals to food-insecure individuals and families for every dollar donated. Several programs are offered by the organization to combat starvation in the community.

One of these programs is the Backpack Program, which seeks to provide sustenance over the weekend to schoolchildren at risk of starvation. Organization also partners with the CalFresh program to provide food assistance to eligible families.

Another program that provides sustenance to military and veteran communities is Feeding Heroes. At its headquarters, the organization also maintains a community marketplace where individuals can obtain complimentary dry products, fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein.

The organization recognizes that senior citizens are also at risk of starvation and has developed a program to serve them. The program provides a variety of nutritious cuisines and encourages seniors to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Organization’s Feeding Wellness program educates and encourages low-income families to make healthy dietary choices, ensuring they have access to nutritious food. Additionally, the organization has a mobile pantry that delivers food to underserved communities and school pantries that provide food to students and their families.

Feeding San Diego plays an indispensable role in the struggle against starvation in San Diego County. The organization’s numerous programs and initiatives are intended to provide nutritional assistance to those in need, particularly during periods of hardship. Organization encourages the community to donate food, money, or time to help combat food insecurity.




Address: 9477 Waples St., Ste. 100

San Diego, CA 92121


Phone:  8584523663

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