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Feeding South Dakota


Feeding South Dakota

Nourishing Communities and Combating Hunger



Feeding South Dakota is an organization dedicated to connecting individuals in need with food providers and support services. With a strong presence in South Dakota, they have made a significant impact by distributing food to numerous families across all 66 counties of the state. Through their programs and partnerships, they strive to alleviate hunger and provide vital resources to those facing food insecurity.


Vision and Mission:

The vision of organization is to eliminate hunger in the state by ensuring that all residents have ready access to healthy food options. Their mission is to put an end to people being hungry in the state by ensuring that households and individuals have access to sufficient food to lead a life that is both active and healthy. They work tirelessly to distribute food and provide assistance to those in need, making a positive difference in their lives.


All Services Offered:


  1. BackPack Program: organization operates the BackPack Program, which distributes over 3,000 food packages to children on a weekly basis. This program aims to bridge the gap and provide nutritious meals to children who may face food insecurity over the weekends or during school breaks.


  1. Mobile Food Distribution: organization serves 10,000+ families per 30days through one hundred and twenty mobile distribution. These mobile distributions ensure that individuals and families, especially those in underserved areas, have access to essential food items. Volunteers play a crucial role in packing boxes of food items, which are then distributed to neighborhoods lacking easy access to groceries .


Become a Volunteer:

It relies on the support of compassionate individuals who are willing to volunteer their time. Volunteers are essential in various aspects of the organization’s operations, such as packing food packages, assisting with mobile food distributions, and supporting administrative tasks. By volunteering, you can directly impact the lives of those facing hunger in South Dakota while gaining a rewarding experience. Contact Feeding South Dakota directly to learn more about volunteer opportunities and contribute to their mission.


Make Donations:

To sustain their operations and provide food assistance to those in need, organization depends on generous donations from individuals and organizations. You can support their mission by making monetary contributions or hosting food or fund drives. Your donations directly impact the lives of individuals and families struggling with hunger in South Dakota. Visit their website to find ways to donate and make a positive difference in the fight against hunger.



Feeding South Dakota is a crucial organization dedicated to nourishing communities and combating hunger across the state. Through their BackPack Program, Mobile Food Distribution, and community involvement, they have made significant strides in ensuring access to nutritious food for individuals and families in need. By volunteering your time or making donations, you can actively contribute to their mission and create a hunger-free region. Together, we can make a difference and provide hope to those facing food insecurity.





Address: 4701 N Westport Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD, United States, South Dakota


Phone:  (605) 335-0364


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