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Feeding Tampa Bay
Feeding Tampa Bay


Feeding Tampa Bay

To alleviate hunger in the West Central Florida region, Feeding Tampa Bay, a charitable organisation that is a participant in the Feeding America network on the national level, was established. The organisation has the lofty goal of eliminating hunger in the Tampa Bay area by the year 2025 and plans to do it by distributing 115 million meals annually. Within a 10-county region of West Central Florida, the organisation provides assistance to around one million food-insecure households and has provided more than ninety-five million meals in the preceding year.

Those in need of assistance are given wholesome food that is high in nutrients as well as other resources as part of the integrative strategy that Feeding Tampa Bay employs in its fight against hunger. They have the mindset that eating is about more than simply putting up a meal on a platter. They hope that through breaking the cycle of hunger and transforming lives via the simple act of eating a meal together. The long-term goal of the organization’s strategic strategy is to guarantee that all individuals who are in need have access to food that is both healthful and nourishing, as well as the tools they need to battle the negative consequences of hunger.


The organisation has a wide variety of programmes that it employs in order to reach out to disadvantaged areas and provide assistance to such communities. They are able to communicate with a larger number of individuals in the Tampa Bay region as a result of their connections with a variety of organisations, such as BayCare. In addition, Feeding Tampa Bay employs creative strategies to fulfil its mission of providing meals to all of those who are hungry in the area. The organisation has been distributing groceries, establishing mobile pantries, and establishing pantries in schools.

Feeding Tampa Bay has just begun construction on its new headquarters by breaking ground on the property. The organization’s food services centre will be relocated to a more strategic position as a result of the multi-purpose hub, which will allow them to serve more people and improve the quality of their services.

In conclusion, Feeding Tampa Bay is an organisation that is working hard to fight hunger in the Tampa Bay region and has been doing so for many years. They are making strides towards accomplishing their objective of eliminating hunger in the Tampa Bay area by using their strategic plan, creative solutions, and community relationships. Their aim is to make Tampa Bay a hunger-free zone. The organisation takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the issue of hunger, which includes supplying people in need with nutritious and healthful meals as well as resources and hope.



Address: 4702 Transport Drive, Building 6

Tampa, FL 33605


Phone:  813.254.1190

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