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Feeding Westchester


Feeding Westchester: Nourishing Communities and Fighting Hunger

Feeding Westchester is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing hunger in Westchester County. With a vision of a community where everyone has access to food and resources for a better future, they work tirelessly to combat food insecurity. As a member of Feeding America, the foodbank has access to donated food products and resources, allowing them to serve the community effectively.

Mission and Values

Feeding Westchester’s mission is to combat hunger and ensure that everyone in Westchester County has access to food and essential resources. They strive to nourish the community today while providing the necessary tools and support for a better future. The organization values collaboration, equal opportunity, and community engagement, working with over 300 partners and programs to distribute food and support across the county.

Comprehensive Services

The foodbank offers a range of services to address hunger and support individuals and families in need. These services include:

  1. Food Distributions: Feeding Westchester collaborates with community partners to offer food distributions through programs such as
    • the Mobile Food Pantry and
    • Fresh Market.
  2. Nutrition Education: The organization emphasizes the importance of nutrition education, providing resources on cooking, healthy eating, and food storage tips. They equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to make nutritious choices.
  3. Assistance with Benefit Programs: Feeding Westchester helps individuals navigate food and nutrition benefit programs like SNAP, P-EBT, and WIC. They ensure that those in need receive the necessary support and assistance.
  4. Child Feeding Initiatives: Feeding Westchester has dedicated programs that target food insecurity among children. These initiatives, including school pantries, child-feeding bags, and the Mobile Food Pantry, reach 71,000 children monthly, providing them with access to nutritious meals.
  5. Senior Grocery Program: Feeding Westchester caters to the needs of seniors through the Senior Grocery Program. This initiative ensures that elderly individuals have access to nutritious food and the support they require.
  6. RX Pantries: Collaborating with healthcare facilities, Feeding Westchester addresses health and well-being barriers through RX Pantries. These pantries provide assistance and support to individuals who require specialized nutrition due to medical conditions.

How to Get Involved

Feeding Westchester provides various ways for individuals to get involved and contribute to their mission of combating hunger and creating a better future. These include:

  1. Donating: Donations play a crucial role in ensuring food availability for neighbors facing hunger. By contributing funds, individuals can support the organization’s efforts in providing nutritious food to those in need.
  2. Volunteering: Feeding Westchester welcomes volunteers who are passionate about making a difference. By volunteering their time and skills, individuals can assist with food distributions, sorting donations, and other essential tasks.
  3. Starting Fundraisers: Individuals can initiate fundraisers to raise funds and awareness for the foodbank. This proactive approach allows supporters to engage their communities and make a tangible impact on hunger.
  4. Joining the Mailing List: By joining Feeding Westchester’s mailing list, individuals can stay informed about the organization’s impact, upcoming events, and ways to get involved.

Contacting Feeding Westchester

To connect with the foodbank or inquire about their services, individuals can use the contact form provided on their website or call the provided contact number. They also have specific contacts for different inquiries. Additionally, individuals can follow Feeding Westchester on their Facebook page, where they actively engage with their audience and provide updates on their activities and initiatives.


In conclusion, Feeding Westchester is a dedicated nonprofit organization working tirelessly to combat hunger and ensure that everyone in Westchester County has access to nutritious food and essential resources. Through their comprehensive services, collaborative partnerships, and community engagement, they make a significant impact in addressing food insecurity. By donating, volunteering, starting fundraisers, and staying connected through their mailing list, individuals can actively contribute to their mission and help create a better tomorrow.



Address: 200 Clearbrook Road, Elmsford, NY 10523


Phone:  +1 914-923-1100


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