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Food Bank for Larimer County help
Food Bank for Larimer County


Food Bank for Larimer County

Sandy Bowden established the nonprofit organisation that is now known as the Food Bank for Larimer County in 1984 with the goal of reducing the amount of people in Larimer County who go hungry. People in the county who are battling with food insecurity have benefited from the organization’s growth and evolution throughout the years as it has provided aid in the form of food assistance programmes.

The Food Bank for Larimer County runs a number of different programmes that provide aid in obtaining food. These programmes include Fresh Food Share, Kids Cafe, and the Food Link programme. Kids Cafe serves children with after-school meals and snacks, whilst Fresh Food Share is responsible for the distribution of fresh vegetables and other perishable commodities. The Food Link programme collaborates with other charitable organisations and community groups to provide food to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Services and educational opportunities

The Food Bank provides its customers with a variety of services and educational opportunities in addition to the food assistance programmes that it operates. These opportunities include instruction on proper nutrition and aid in submitting applications for governmental benefits such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP).

The organisation has a large and noticeable effect on the local community. In the year 2020, the Food Bank for Larimer County delivered over 10 million pounds of food, which resulted in the organisation being able to provide meals for over 37,000 people on a monthly basis. They have also been commended for their dedication to ensuring the safety of the food they serve and cutting down on waste.

Donors and its volunteers

The assistance of both its donors and its volunteers is essential for the Food Bank to be successful in carrying out its purpose. Donations of monetary value assist the organisation buy and provide more food to people in need, while the contributions of time and energy made by volunteers are crucial to the success of the operation. Donations made on a recurring basis, no matter how little they may be, may have a considerable effect on an organization’s capacity to support disadvantaged families by ensuring that they have access to consistent meals.

In general, the Food Bank for Larimer County is an important organisation that plays an important part in preventing and alleviating hunger across the county. Those who are experiencing with food insecurity may get knowledge and support with food purchases via the organization’s many programmes and services.



Address: Larimer County

5706 Wright Drive Loveland, Colorado 80538



Phone:  (970) 493-4477


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