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Food Bank for the Heartland


Food Bank for the Heartland: Combating Hunger, Nourishing Communities



The Food Bank for the Heartland, a nonprofit organization, has a vital purpose: supplying emergency and supplemental food to those in need. Their focus extends across Nebraska and western Iowa. By combatting hunger, this food bank fulfills a significant role, guaranteeing our community members have nourishing meals and essential assistance.


Providing Emergency and Supplemental Food

The Food Bank for the Heartland’s mission is rooted in a deep commitment. It revolves around the provision of emergency and supplemental food assistance. Its core belief drives this organization forward. Their aim is to ensure no one goes hungry. They strive to meet the nutritional needs of individuals and families in need. With unwavering dedication, they tackle the issue of food insecurity. The Food Bank for the Heartland serves as a beacon of hope. Their ultimate goal is to create a hunger-free community.

By partnering with various agencies, food pantries, and community organizations, the food bank ensures that individuals and families facing hunger receive the necessary resources to meet their basic needs. Through their efforts, they contribute significantly to alleviating food insecurity in the community.


Virtual Funds Drive: Making a Difference Online

The Food Bank for the Heartland offers a Virtual Funds Drive (VFD) platform, providing an opportunity for individuals and groups to host online fundraisers in support of the food bank’s mission. By participating in the VFD, you can make a direct impact on hunger relief efforts in the Heartland and help ensure that vital resources reach those who need them the most. Every contribution counts in the fight against hunger.


Community Collaboration: KETV Giving Wednesday

KETV, in partnership with the Food Bank for the Heartland, initiated a special event called KETV Giving Wednesday to alleviate summer hunger in the Heartland. Through the collective efforts of the community, over $48,200 was raised in just one day. These funds will enable the food bank to expand their reach and provide assistance to even more individuals and families in need. Together, we can make a significant impact on combating hunger.


Supporting the Fight Against Hunger

Continued support from compassionate individuals like you plays a vital role in the Food Bank for the Heartland’s mission. Your contributions help ensure that healthy food reaches thousands of families across the Heartland, providing nourishment and hope in times of need. Together, we can stand united in the fight against hunger and make a lasting difference in our communities.



The Food Bank for the Heartland: an unwavering organization, ceaselessly battling hunger and extending a helping hand with urgent and additional sustenance for people and families across Nebraska and western Iowa.

Through their partnerships, virtual funds drive, community collaborations, and the support of generous individuals, the food bank strives to eliminate hunger and create a brighter future for our neighbors in need. Join the fight against hunger and make a difference by supporting the Food Bank for the Heartland’s mission today.




Address: 10525 J Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68127-1021

Phone:  +14023311213


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