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Food Bank of Alaska
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Food Bank of Alaska

Since 1979, the Food Bank of Alaska has been providing its services to the Alaskan community in an effort to combat starvation. The group’s mission is to reduce food waste and ensure everyone in Alaska has access to nutritious food. The Food Bank of Alaska collects food from partner organizations, community and government programs, stores, and individuals throughout the state of Alaska, and then distributes it to those in need. As of June 2021, the organization has distributed a total of 11 million pounds of food to Alaskans.

In accordance with USDA guidelines, the organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, or any other factor. In addition to SNAP and FDPIR, all other USDA programs are also included. The charity is able to provide 30 meals to those in need for every ten dollars that is donated.

Opportunities for volunteers

The sustenance Bank of Alaska provides services that extend beyond the provision of sustenance. The organization also provides opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the organization’s overall mission. More than 1,500 individuals have signed up to volunteer with the organization. Anyone interested in volunteering can register online, and if accepted, the organization will provide them with a uniform, shoes with closed toes and heels, and any other necessary equipment. Volunteer work may be performed by both individuals and organizations with at least five members. There is also the option of performing court-ordered community service.

The “Food Bank of Alaska” is a significant organization that plays a crucial role in both nourishing the population and reducing food waste. Those in need of nutritional assistance may continue to receive it from the organization so long as they continue to receive financial and volunteer support.



Address: 2192 Viking Drive

Anchorage, Alaska 99501


Phone:  9072723663

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