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Food Bank of Central New York


Food Bank of Central New York

Fighting Hunger and Nurturing Communities



The Food Bank of Central New York is a non-profit organization located in Syracuse, NY, dedicated to addressing hunger and providing support to those who are in need. With a range of services and initiatives, the Food Bank strives to promote food security and improve the well-being of the community. This article will explore the organization’s vision, mission, services, volunteer opportunities, and ways to make donations.

Vision and Mission

The Food Bank of Central New York envisions a hunger-free community where all individuals have access to nutritious food. Their mission is to provide food and help those who are facing challenges regarding food and support.


The Food Bank of Central New York offers various services and programs to combat hunger and foster community well-being:

  1. Food Distribution: The organization collaborates with partner agencies, including pantries, soup kitchens, and food banks, to distribute food resources throughout Central New York. By providing a reliable supply of nutritious food, they help alleviate hunger and support the nutritional needs of vulnerable populations.
  2. Agency Web Ordering: Partner agencies can place orders through the Agency Express system, ensuring a streamlined process for obtaining food resources. Delivery and pick-up options are available, with detailed guidelines provided for a smooth experience.
  3. Food and Fund Drives: The Food Bank encourages individuals, organizations, and businesses to coordinate food and fund drives to support their mission. They provide tools and resources to facilitate the planning and execution of successful drives, contributing to the overall food supply.
  4. Community Nutrition: The Food Bank’s nutrition department offers valuable resources and healthy recipes that emphasize fruits and vegetables. These resources help promote nutritious eating habits and enhance the well-being of individuals and families.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play a crucial role in the Food Bank’s efforts to combat hunger and serve the community. Individuals can contribute their time and skills to various activities, including food sorting, packaging, distribution, and supporting food drives. By volunteering, individuals directly impact the lives of those facing food insecurity. To explore volunteer opportunities, interested individuals can contact the Food Bank of Central New York through their website or email address.

Make Donations

Donations are vital to the Food Bank’s ability to provide food resources and support to those in need. Individuals and organizations can contribute in the following ways:

  1. Food and Fund Drives: Coordinating a food or fund drive is an impactful way to gather resources for the Food Bank. Detailed guidelines and contact information for registering a drive are available on their website.
  2. Monetary Donations: Financial contributions provide flexibility for the Food Bank to procure and distribute food efficiently. Donations can be made through their website, and contact information is available for further inquiries.


The Food Bank of Central New York is dedicated to fighting hunger and nourishing the community by providing food resources and support through their partner agencies. With a range of services, volunteer opportunities, and donation options, individuals can actively contribute to creating a hunger-free Central New York.




Address: 7066 Interstate Island Road Syracuse, NY 13209


Phone:  +1 315-437-1899


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