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Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas
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Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

The issue of global food insecurity remains a pressing concern. Nonetheless, organizations such as the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas are committed to addressing this problem through their diverse services and initiatives.

Thanks to donations from government agencies and local grocery stores, the Organization has been able to distribute millions of pounds of food annually to those in need since its founding in 1983. One dollar donated to the organization can provide up to three and a half meals, making a significant difference in the lives of those who are food insecure.

Collaborates with approximately 140 other organizations

It has an enormous 56,000-square-foot facility for warehousing donated or purchased food, and it collaborates with approximately 140 other organizations to distribute food to those in need. In addition, the Organization operates a number of programs designed to serve diverse populations.

One such program is the Backpack Program, which helps provide sustenance to children throughout the school year, including on weekends and holidays.

The Commodity Distribution Program of the organization, which operates at 20 sites in 11 counties, provides monthly food shipments to low-income households.

In addition, the Organization administers a Food Pantry Network consisting of numerous pantries in the region. These pantries provide individuals and families in need with a variety of food and other necessities.

Fresh Produce Program

The Fresh Produce Program of the organization provides an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, including cantaloupe, watermelon, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, plums, sweet potatoes, maize, citrus, tomatoes, apples, and pears, from both private and community gardens.

Through its Senior Food Pantry Network, the organization is also committed to servicing the elderly community. This program is intended to provide seniors with simple access to nutritious meals, allowing them to focus on their health expenses without fretting about starvation.

Overall, the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas is dedicated to providing the resources and assistance necessary to combat food insecurity in the region. The organization has made significant strides in the struggle against starvation with the assistance of volunteers, donors, and community partners.


Address: 3414 One Place, Jonesboro, AR 72404


Phone:  8709323663

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