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Food Bank of Northeast Indiana


Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana

Nourishing Communities and Fighting Hunger



Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana, Inc. is a prominent organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity and providing nourishment in Northeast Indiana. This article will explore the mission and activities of the Community Harvest Food Bank, highlighting their impact in the community.


I. The Mission of Community Harvest Food Bank

  1. Addressing Food Insecurity in Northeast Indiana
  2. Providing Nourishment and Support to Communities


II. Serving Northeast Indiana Communities

  1. Collaborating with Local Organizations and Nonprofits
  2. Distributing Food and Resources to Those in Need
  3. Impacting Lives and Alleviating Hunger


III. Programs and Initiatives of Community Harvest Food Bank

  1. Mobile Food Distribution
  2. Backpack Program for Children
  3. SeniorPak Program for Elderly Individuals


IV. Community Engagement and Support

  1. Volunteer Opportunities for Community Members
  2. Partnering with Businesses and Individuals for Support
  3. Community Events and Fundraisers


V. Fighting Food Waste and Promoting Sustainability

  1. Strategies to Reduce Food Waste
  2. Partnering with Local Farms and Organizations
  3. Educating the Community on Food Preservation and Smart Consumption



Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana, Inc. plays a vital role in addressing food insecurity and nourishing communities in Northeast Indiana. Through their diverse programs and initiatives, they provide food and resources to those in need, impacting lives and alleviating hunger. The food bank’s strong community engagement and support system, along with their collaborative efforts with local organizations and nonprofits, make a significant difference in the fight against food insecurity. By actively promoting sustainability and fighting food waste, the Community Harvest Food Bank sets an example for the community on the importance of responsible consumption. As they continue their mission, the food bank remains committed to nourishing communities and fostering a more resilient and food-secure Northeast Indiana.




Address: Community Harvest Food Bank
999 East Tillman Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46816


Phone: (260) 447-3696

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