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Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana



Food Bank of Northeast Louisian

Fighting Hunger and Nourishing Communities



In the 12-parish region, the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana shines as a nonprofit on a mission. Its dedicated purpose? The relentless battle against hunger, extending a helping hand to children, families, and seniors. This organization’s aim is clear: to provide food assistance and nourishment, erasing the gnawing pangs of empty stomachs. With a mission to ensure that no one goes hungry, this food bank works tirelessly to improve the well-being of individuals and communities.


Addressing Hunger and Promoting Wellness:

Nestled at 4600 Central Avenue, Monroe, Louisiana, the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana emerges as a relentless warrior against hunger, wholeheartedly committed to fostering the well-being of the region. Their mission revolves around granting individuals and families in need a gateway to sustenance that is both nourishing and abundant, tending to their physical and nutritional requirements with unwavering dedication.


Services and Impact:

The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana operates by collecting, purchasing, sorting, inventorying, and distributing food to over 60 non-profit partner agencies. This network allows them to reach a wide range of individuals at risk of food insecurity and ensure that the food reaches those who need it most.


Community Engagement:

With a strong presence in Monroe, Louisiana, the Food Bank actively engages with the community. Through their Facebook page, they provide updates on their efforts, upcoming events, and opportunities for individuals to get involved in fighting hunger. By fostering a sense of community and raising awareness about food insecurity, they strive to create a hunger-free Northeast Louisiana.


Supporting the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana:

There are several ways to support the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana in their mission to fight hunger and nourish communities. Financial contributions play a crucial role in sustaining their operations and expanding their reach. Additionally, volunteering at the food bank or participating in food drives and fundraisers are meaningful ways to make a difference.



The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana is dedicated to combating hunger and improving the lives of individuals and families in a 12-parish region. Through their efforts in collecting, purchasing, sorting, and distributing food, they ensure that no one goes hungry. With community engagement and the support of volunteers and donors, the Food Bank continues to make a significant impact in the fight against food insecurity.




Address: 4600 Central Avenue

Monroe, LA 71203


Phone:  (318) 322-3567


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