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Food Gatherers


Food Gatherers

Alleviating Hunger and Eliminating its Causes in Washtenaw County



Food Gatherers is an important nonprofit that runs the food bank and food rescue program in Washtenaw County. Both of these services are provided by Food Gatherers. Food Gatherers, which serves as the primary organization for hunger relief in the county, plays an essential part in tackling the issue of food insecurity and providing assistance to a network of partners. This article will delve into the work of Food Gatherers, highlighting its mission, programs, and commitment to alleviating hunger and eliminating its root causes in the community.


Alleviating Hunger in Washtenaw County:

Food Gatherers was founded with the mission of alleviating hunger and eradicating the conditions that lead to it in Washtenaw County. The organization recognizes that hunger is a complex issue with multifaceted causes. By providing a comprehensive range of services and programs, Food Gatherers aims to ensure that individuals and families have access to nutritious food and the necessary resources to overcome food insecurity.


Food Gatherers – Food Rescue and Distribution:

A operational warehouse is kept up and running by Food Gatherers, which processes an average of nine tons of food each and every day. Through its food rescue program, the organization collects surplus food from various sources, including local restaurants, grocers, and farmers. This rescued food is then distributed to partner agencies, food pantries, and meal programs throughout the county, ensuring that no viable food goes to waste.


Community Kitchen:

Food Gatherers maintains an active Community Kitchen, where they cook and serve hot meals on a daily basis. This facility plays a vital role in providing nutritious meals to individuals experiencing food insecurity. The Community Kitchen not only addresses immediate hunger but also offers a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals can find support and community.


Leveraging Food Resources:

In addition to local food rescue efforts, Food Gatherers leverages state and national food resources to further support their hunger relief efforts. By collaborating with various organizations, they can access a wide range of food resources to meet the diverse needs of the community. This strategic approach allows Food Gatherers to maximize the impact of their programs and reach a larger number of individuals and families facing food insecurity.



Food Gatherers serves as a lifeline for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity in Washtenaw County. Through their comprehensive approach of food rescue, distribution, and operating a Community Kitchen, the organization ensures that nutritious meals are provided to those in need. By leveraging state and national food resources and addressing the root causes of hunger, Food Gatherers is actively working towards alleviating hunger in the community. Through their commitment, partnerships, and dedication to the mission, Food Gatherers plays a crucial role in creating a more food-secure and equitable future for all residents of Washtenaw County.



Address: Ann Arbor, MI 48113


Phone:  734-761-2796


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