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Foodbank of Santa Barbara County


Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, also known as Foodbank SB, is a charitable organisation with the mission of eradicating starvation in Santa Barbara County by providing food, education, and resources to organisations and communities working to alleviate hunger.

The Santa Barbara Foodbank provides assistance to people of all ages and aspects of life, including pre-schoolers, seniors, veterans, and farmworkers.

The Santa Barbara Foodbank believes that providing its clients with nutrient-dense food would assist the community in making the transition from being malnourished to healthy. The organisation’s mission is to empower its clients to make healthy food choices by educating them on how to responsibly purchase for, prepare, and consume food.

This is achieved through the promotion of nutritional education and literacy.

In conjunction with the Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Tragedy in Santa Barbara County (VOAD-SBC), this organisation provides sustenance and other forms of emergency support to those in need during periods of crisis and tragedy.

The generosity of grocery stores, farmers, and food manufacturers

Foodbank SB is able to operate due to the generosity of grocery stores, farmers, and food manufacturers, who donate any excess food they produce. The organisation receives monetary support, food and other resources, as well as in-kind contributions, from private individuals and public institutions.

Foodbank SB can provide eight nutritious meals to those in need for every dollar donated to the organisation.

Opportunities for individuals and groups

The organisation provides numerous opportunities for individuals and groups to engage in volunteer activity. Volunteers can assist with a variety of duties, including food distribution, food sorting and packaging, and fundraising assistance.

The mission of Foodbank SB is to eradicate poverty and enhance the welfare of Santa Barbara County residents through better nutrition. Foodbank SB not only feeds the impoverished by distributing nutritious food and providing education, but also equips them with the resources they need to live healthier, more productive lives.




490 W. Foster Rd.
Santa Maria, CA 93455
M-F: 7am – 3pm


4554 Hollister Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
M-F: 7am – 3pm




Phone: (805) 967-5741

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