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FoodCycle is a charitable organisation headquartered in the United Kingdom that strives to minimise food waste and food insecurity. The mission of the organisation is to create a society in which no one goes hungry and excellent food is not squandered.

FoodCycle accomplishes its mission by collecting waste food from grocery stores, cafés, and restaurants and repurposing it into healthy meals for those in need. The group runs community cafés where anyone may share a meal in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cafés are accessible to everyone in need of food, regardless of their situation.

FoodCycle also operates a food bank, which distributes emergency food packages to those who are struggling to make ends meet. The group works closely with local food banks to ensure that individuals get assistance when they need it.


FoodCycle’s reliance on volunteers is one of its distinctive characteristics. The organisation depends on a network of over 4,000 volunteers to make a difference in their own regions. Volunteers assist with everything from meal preparation and service to event planning and fundraising.

In addition to its primary operations, FoodCycle also operates a variety of programmes aimed at addressing the underlying causes of food insecurity. The charity offers cooking lessons and seminars that assist individuals in gaining new skills and confidence in the kitchen. FoodCycle also helps long-term unemployed individuals with training and job options.

FoodCycle is an essential organisation that plays a crucial role in decreasing food waste and combating food insecurity in the United Kingdom. Only the passion of its volunteers and the generosity of its sponsors and partners make its mission possible. If you want to make a difference in your community, volunteering with FoodCycle might be a great way to give back and assist those in need.



Address: Food Exchange New Covent Garden Market London, SW8 5EL


Phone:  020 7729 2775


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