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FoodForward SA
FoodForward SA


FoodForward SA

In South Africa, food insecurity is a significant problem, with millions of people struggling to obtain sufficient and nutritious sustenance. FoodForward SA seeks to address this issue by accumulating and distributing surplus food to verified non-profit organizations (NPOs) nationwide.

One of the primary services offered by FoodForward SA is foodbanking, which entails the collection and distribution of consumable surplus food from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to verified non-profit organizations. This ensures that food that would otherwise be wasted is redistributed to individuals in need. Food rescue involves procuring, accumulating, categorizing, preserving, and distributing edible surplus food from partner distribution centers.

Another innovative program provided by FoodForward SA is virtual foodbanking, which connects beneficiary organizations with retail stores for the daily collection of food consumables via the Foodbanking Platform. This program reduces food waste while increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for those in need.

Food management is another area of concentration for FoodForward South Africa. The organization supports new producers, implements large-scale nutrition programs, and provides a wholesome, simple-to-prepare meal. These programs seek to increase the availability of nutritious and healthful food to promote food security.

FoodForward SA is a nonprofit organization that operates solely through donations. Individuals and businesses can support the organization in a variety of ways, including monetary donations and volunteer labor. FoodForward SA can provide one meal for R1.08, R35 for one month of meals, and R400 for an entire year of meals for those in need.

FoodForward South Africa is having a substantial impact in South Africa. Each year, the organization distributes 3,350,000,000 kilograms of food, which provides 11,160,000,000 meals to those in need. With a meal cost of only R1.08, FoodForward SA is improving the lives of numerous South Africans.

FoodForward SA supports early childhood development, adolescent development, women’s empowerment organizations, and care centers in addition to providing sustenance. By providing nutritious meals and other forms of assistance, the organization is contributing to the development of stronger communities and a better future for all South Africans.

In conclusion, FoodForward SA is an indispensable organization in South Africa’s struggle against food insecurity. By collecting and distributing excess food, supporting emerging farmers, and providing nourishing meals to those in need, the organization is making a significant contribution. FoodForward SA is able to continue providing assistance to those who require it most with the help of individuals and enterprises from across the nation.




Postal address: P.O. Box 564, Howard Place 7450, South Africa

Physical address: Cape Town Market, 110 Gunners Circle, Epping 1, 7460 South Africa


Phone:  +27 (0)21 531 5670


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