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Freestore Foodbank


Freestore Foodbank: Nourishing Communities, Empowering Lives



Freestore Foodbank is a vital organization committed to nourishing communities and empowering lives. With a focus on providing food assistance to individuals and families in need, Freestore Foodbank plays a crucial role in combating hunger and addressing food insecurity. In this article, we will delve into the mission, services, and impact of Freestore Foodbank.


Mission and Services:

The mission of Freestore Foodbank is to improve lives by eliminating hunger in the community. They achieve this through a range of comprehensive services that include:


Food Distribution: Freestore FB operates a Community Resource & Distribution Center, where individuals can access food resources and assistance. They work diligently to ensure that nutritious food reaches those who need it most, supporting thousands of households and clients.


Online Ordering: To enhance accessibility and convenience, Freestore Foodbank provides an online ordering system for individuals and organizations. This system streamlines the process of requesting and receiving food, making it easier for clients to access the support they need.


Food Drives: Freestore Foodbank encourages the community to host food drives as a way to contribute to their mission [3]. By engaging individuals, businesses, and organizations, they expand their reach and collect essential food items to meet the increasing demand.


Impact and Reach:

Freestore FB has made a significant impact in their service area, nourishing communities and empowering lives. Some key statistics highlight their reach and achievements:


Distinct Households: Freestore FB has provided food assistance to 12,328 distinct households. This underscores their commitment to addressing hunger on a significant scale.


Distinct Clients: A total of 23,441 distinct clients have benefited from the services and support of the Foodbank. These numbers reflect the tangible difference they make in the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity.


Pounds of Food Provided: The Foodbank has distributed an impressive 2,797,202 pounds of food. This showcases their dedication to ensuring an adequate and sustainable food supply for those in need.



Freestore Foodbank stands as a pillar of support for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Through their comprehensive services, including food distribution, online ordering, and community engagement, they make a lasting impact in nourishing communities and empowering lives. By providing access to nutritious food and fostering partnerships with the community, Freestore FB brings hope and support to those facing challenging circumstances.





Address: Freestore Foodbank 1141 Central Parkway Cincinnati 45202


Phone:  +1 513-482-4500

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