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Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana


Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.:

Nourishing Communities and Fighting Hunger



Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc. is a renowned organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity and nourishing communities in central and southeastern Indiana. This article will explore the history, mission, and activities of Gleaners Food Bank, highlighting its significant impact in the region.


I. Their Story: A Legacy of Food Distribution

  1. Established in 1980
  2. Over 520 Million Pounds of Food Distributed
  3. Serving Central and Southeastern Indiana


II. Leading the Fight Against Hunger

  1. Mission to Distribute Food to Hungry Hoosiers
  2. Providing Food Relief to the Food Insecure Population
  3. Uniquely Positioned as Indiana’s Largest Food Bank


III. Nourishing Communities and Advocacy

  1. Convening Thought Leaders and Implementing Bold Ideas
  2. Advocating on Behalf of Those in Need
  3. Partnering with Local Organizations and Stakeholders


IV. Impactful Initiatives and Outreach

  1. Engaging the Community through Social Media Platforms
  2. Highlighting Volunteer Work and Community Support
  3. Strengthening Partnerships and Volunteer Programs


V. Gleaners Food Bank as a Recognized Organization

  1. The Largest Food Bank in Indiana
  2. Wholesale Distribution and Direct Food Relief
  3. Serving the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area and 21 Counties



Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc. stands as a beacon of hope and nourishment for communities in central and southeastern Indiana. With a rich history of food distribution and a steadfast mission to fight hunger, Gleaners Food Bank has made a significant impact by providing relief to the food-insecure population. Through their advocacy efforts, impactful initiatives, and community engagement, they are continuously working towards a hunger-free Indiana. As Indiana’s largest food bank, Gleaners plays a vital role in convening thought leaders, implementing innovative ideas, and advocating on behalf of those they serve. With strong partnerships, a dedicated volunteer network, and recognition as a leading organization, Gleaners Food Bank remains committed to nourishing communities and fostering a brighter future for those in need.




Address: 3737 Waldemere Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46241


Phone:  317-925-0191


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