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Global Aid Trust


Global Aid Trust

Global Aid Trust (GAT) is a non-profit organisation devoted to improving the lives of people worldwide. From its foundation, GAT has been devoted to promoting education and assuring underprivileged populations’ full cultural involvement. GAT acknowledges that access to education is a basic right and offers educational assistance for children who cannot attend school due to poverty or other obstacles.

GAT gives humanitarian assistance to individuals in need, in addition to encouraging education. The Health and EID Gift projects of the organisation seek to improve the health and well-being of underprivileged populations. GAT offers medical assistance to distant and disadvantaged areas, particularly in times of crisis. In addition, the group delivers Eid-ul-Fitr presents to orphaned children and impoverished families, helping them to enjoy the festive event.

The Home Building Initiative of GAT is a noteworthy endeavour towards alleviating poverty. The organisation offers housing for families in severe poverty who are trying to make ends meet. Not only does this offer families with shelter, but it also gives them a feeling of security and stability.

During the difficult winter months, GAT initiates its Winter Project, which supports the homeless and those living in poverty with food, blankets, and warm clothes. The initiative aids in keeping individuals warm and secure during the winter months.

GAT is devoted to promoting education, improving health, providing housing, and ensuring that underprivileged people have access to basic essentials. The organization’s activities are concentrated on assisting individuals in need and improving their lives. We can all support GAT’s efforts to create a better world by giving to their cause or working with the organisation.





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