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Great Plains Food Bank


Great Plains Food Bank

Fighting Hunger, Nourishing Communities



The Great Plains Food Bank is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger and nourishing communities across North Dakota and western Minnesota. Through various programs and initiatives, they provide food assistance to individuals and families in need, with a mission to end hunger in the region. Let’s explore the work of the Great Plains Food Bank and how you can get involved.


Providing Essential Nutrition through Mobile Food Pantry:

The Food Bank has a Mobile Food Pantry that travels to underserved areas to provide perishable food products such as fresh vegetables and fruits, canned and boxed goods, frozen meat, and baked goods. This initiative ensures that even remote areas without access to traditional food pantries receive essential nutrition. By reaching out to underserved communities, the Great Plains Food Bank aims to address food insecurity and improve the well-being of individuals and families.


Supporting Through Financial Donations:

One way to support the Great Plains Food Bank is by making a financial donation. Every dollar donated provides three meals for those in need, making a significant impact on hunger relief efforts. Additionally, the organization offers a virtual food drive, allowing participants to select products online and see how their donations directly help the Food Bank. This transparent approach demonstrates the tangible difference that each contribution makes.


Partnering to Combat Hunger:

The Great Plains Food Bank collaborates with partner agencies to extend their reach and impact. Through events like Partner Lunch and Learns, they engage and educate their network of partners, fostering a collaborative effort to fight hunger in the community. By leveraging these partnerships, the Food Bank strengthens its ability to serve individuals and families facing food insecurity.


Getting Involved:

You can contribute to the Great Plains Food Bank’s mission of ending hunger by taking action. Consider making a financial donation to support their programs and services. Additionally, volunteering your time and skills can make a difference in their efforts to fight hunger and nourish communities.



The Food Bank plays a vital role in addressing hunger and nourishing communities across North Dakota and western Minnesota. Through their Mobile Food Pantry, financial donations, and collaborative partnerships, they work tirelessly to ensure that individuals and families have access to nutritious food. By supporting the Great Plains Food Bank through donations or volunteering, you can contribute to their mission of ending hunger and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.



Address: 1720 3rd Ave. N. Fargo, ND 58102


Phone:  (701)232-6219


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