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Greater Cleveland Food Bank


Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Fighting Hunger, Nourishing Lives



The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is a dedicated organization working tirelessly to address hunger in the community by providing nutritious food to those in need. With a wide range of services and programs, they aim to combat food insecurity and uplift individuals and families in Northeast Ohio.


Vision and Mission:

Vision: A hunger-free community.

Mission: To provide nutritious food and support to individuals and families facing food insecurity while advocating for long-term solutions to end hunger.


All Services Offered:

Food Distribution: The Greater Cleveland Food Bank collaborates with over 1,000 partner agencies and programs to distribute food to those in need within their 6-county service area. They served approximately 349,000 people in FY2022, including 1 in 5 children living in poverty. Through their extensive network, they aim to provide access to nutritious food and alleviate hunger in the community.

1.     Get Help:

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Help Center is available to assist individuals seeking help with paying for food.  They work in partnership with over 1,000 agencies & programs  in Northeast Ohio to ensure food access for those in need. Additionally, they offer resources such as recipes and nutrition education to promote healthy eating habits.


2.     Help Center and Benefits Outreach:

The Help Center at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank offers a unique service among food banks nationwide. Individuals facing food insecurity can receive assistance in completing applications for government programs like SNAP and Medicaid. The Help Center can be reached at 216.738.2067 and provides free and secret support. They aim to connect individuals with feeding partner agencies that offer pantries, hot meals, mobile pantries and specialized programs for seniors and children. They also facilitate SNAP applications over the phone .



Make Donations:

You can support the Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s mission by making a donation. When you contribute, your donation can provide $9 worth of food to those in need. You also have the option to make an honor or memorial donation and have a special card sent to the person you are honoring. The Food Bank offers both mail and e-card options for notification. Additionally, you can become a monthly donor and join the Friend of the Food Bank program to provide ongoing support for nutritious meals.


Social Media Presence:

The Food Bank maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook. By following their page, you can stay updated on their initiatives, events, and stories related to fighting hunger in the community. Join their online community to show your support and stay connected .



The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is dedicated to fighting hunger and nourishing lives in Northeast Ohio. Through their food distribution efforts, assistance programs, volunteer opportunities, and donation support, they make a significant impact on individuals and families facing food insecurity. By joining their mission, you can contribute to building a community where everyone has access to nutritious food.




Address: Greater Cleveland Food Bank

13815 Coit Rd

Cleveland, OH 44110


Phone:  +1 216-738-2265


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