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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank


Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Fighting Hunger and Building Food Security



The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is dedicated to combating hunger and ensuring food security for individuals and families in the Pittsburgh area. By providing nutritious meals, engaging volunteers, and encouraging community support, the Food Bank works tirelessly to make a positive impact. This article explores the organization’s vision, mission, services, donation opportunities, and ways to get involved.


Vision and Mission:

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank envisions a community where everyone has access to enough nutritious food to lead a healthy life. Their mission is to fight hunger and food insecurity inside southwestern Pennsylvania.


Services Offered:


  1. Summer Youth Cafe: The Food Bank offers free and healthy meals through Summer Youth Cafes, providing children and teenagers with nourishment and fun during the summer months.


  1. Food Distribution: The organization conducts drive-up and walk-in distributions, where individuals can receive food assistance without specific eligibility requirements. No proof of income or identification is needed, and reservations are not necessary. Onsite registration and a self-declaration of need form are required for future visits.


  1. Find Food Resources: The Food Bank provides a resource locator on their website, allowing individuals to find food assistance programs, including food pantries and other services, in their area.


Become a Volunteer:

The Food Bank offers volunteer opportunities for individuals to actively contribute to their mission. One opportunity is becoming a Shopping Buddy, helping to stock shelves, serve neighbors, and check them in and out. Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the Food Bank’s programs and services.


Make Donations:

There are various ways to support the Food Bank’s mission through donations. Individuals can contribute through Food and Fund Drives, giving recyclable food products or money. Home gardeners, restaurants, food service companies, chefs, grocery stores, and food industry partners can also donate food to the Food Bank. Monetary donations are especially valuable, as every dollar donated can provide five meals.



The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is committed to take away the hunger and building food security in the Pittsburgh area. Through their diverse range of services, volunteer engagement, and community partnerships, they make a significant impact on individuals and families facing food insecurity. Join the Food Bank’s mission by volunteering, making donations, or advocating for their cause, ensuring that everyone in the community has access to nutritious food and the support they need.




Address: 1 N. Linden St., Duquesne, PA 15110


Phone:  412-460-3663


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