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HACAP Food Reservoir: Empowering Communities, Fighting Hunger



HACAP  is a vital organization operating as a community action agency in Eastern Iowa. Committed to serving and empowering communities, HACAP Food Reservoir plays a crucial role in fighting hunger and providing essential resources. In this article, we will explore the mission, initiatives, and impact of HACAP.


Mission and Initiatives:

HACAP Food Reservoir embraces the philosophy of “a help up, not a handout” in their commitment to empowering individuals and communities. Their initiatives are designed to address hunger and provide comprehensive support. Key initiatives include:


Food Distribution: The Foodbank operates a network of partner pantries, schools, mobile distributions, and other feeding sites. These sites provide accessible and reliable sources of food to individuals and families in need.


Backpack Program: As part of their efforts to combat childhood hunger, HACAP Food Reservoir runs the Backpack Program. This program ensures that children have access to nutritious meals during weekends and school breaks.


COVID-19 Response: During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Foodbank Reservoir mobilized to meet the increased demand for food assistance. They were designated as an essential service, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the community during challenging times.


Impact and Reach:

HACAP’s impact can be seen in the numbers and the lives they touch:


Number of Individuals Served: HACAP serves approximately 72,000 individuals each year through their initiatives [6]. This demonstrates the reach and significance of their efforts in fighting hunger and providing essential resources.


Collaboration with Feeding America: As a member of the Feeding America network, HACAP is part of a nationwide effort to address food insecurity. This collaboration allows them to leverage resources and make an even greater impact.



HACAP Food Reservoir is dedicated to empowering communities and fighting hunger in Eastern Iowa. Through their food distribution network, the Backpack Program, and their commitment to responding to community needs, they provide essential support to individuals and families in need. By embracing the philosophy of “a help up, not a handout,” HACAP Food Reservoir fosters self-sufficiency and empowers communities to overcome the challenges of food insecurity. Together, we can support their mission and create a brighter future for all.





Address: 1515 Hawkeye Drive, Hiawatha, IA 52233

Phone:  (319) 393-7811



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