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Harlem United
Harlem United


Harlem United

Since 1988, the community-based healthcare group Harlem United has offered cutting-edge and sympathetic treatment to people and families. Harlem United strives to provide a variety of services to promote the health and welfare of its customers, with a concentration on supporting marginalised neighbourhoods.

HIV and STI testing, prevention, and treatment is one of the main services provided by Harlem United. To ensure that their customers get complete treatment, they provide pre- and post-test counselling as well as a variety of HIV testing alternatives, including quick testing. They also provide a variety of preventative alternatives, like as condoms, PrEP, and PEP, to assist people lower their chance of getting HIV and other STIs. To assist people with HIV control their health and enhance their quality of life, Harlem United offers comprehensive medical treatment and support services.

To assist people with overcoming obstacles connected to mental health and addiction, Harlem United also offers behavioural health services, such as drug use therapy and mental health counselling. Their staff of certified therapists and counsellors collaborate with clients to create individualised treatment programmes that draw on research-proven treatments to aid people in reaching their objectives.


In addition to healthcare services, Harlem United also offers supporting services and housing help to those who are homeless or have unstable housing. With case management and support services to help them get the treatment and resources they need to flourish, their supportive housing programme offers secure and affordable accommodation to people living with HIV and other chronic diseases.

Ultimately, Harlem United is dedicated to provide marginalised areas high-quality, compassionate care that attends to the needs of the full person in order to advance health, wellness, and social justice. They are an essential resource for people and families in the Harlem neighbourhood and beyond because of their emphasis on mental health, supportive housing, and HIV prevention and treatment.


Address: 306 Malcolm X Boulevard New York, NY 10027


Phone:  +1 212-803-2850

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