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Harvest Hope Food Bank


Harvest Hope Food Bank

Nourishing Communities and Fighting Hunger



In South Carolina, 1 in 10 individuals faces hunger, severely impacting their ability to afford and function with proper nutrition. Harvest Hope Food Bank has emerged as a pivotal organization that addresses this pressing issue by providing over 20 million meals annually across 20 counties in South Carolina. Their compassionate and dignified approach ensures that individuals in need have access to the basic human necessity of food, offering hope, security, and the opportunity for a brighter future.


Vision and Mission:

Driven by a sense of social justice and recognizing access to nutritious food as a fundamental human right, The Harvest Hope Food Bank is an organization that is dedicated to resolving the underlying causes of hunger and advocating for the general welfare. Their mission encompasses the following core values:


  1. Social Justice: Harvest Hope strives to eliminate hunger by tackling its underlying causes and working towards equitable access to nutritious food.
  2. Respect: They value the worth and dignity of every person, treating everyone with compassion and fairness.
  3. Integrity: Acting with honesty, trust, and transparency, they fulfill their commitments and maintain accountability.
  4. Collaboration: Building strong relationships and partnerships with diverse individuals and organizations, Harvest Hope aims to create a healthy, hunger-free community while balancing individual and collective interests.
  5. Innovation: The organization continuously improves its services, embracing creativity and optimism to find and scale effective solutions for addressing hunger and its underlying causes.
  6. Accountability: They responsibly manage the resources entrusted to them, recognizing that their mission is made possible by the generosity of others.
  7. Excellence: Committed to delivering services and fulfilling commitments with utmost excellence, they believe their clients, stakeholders, and communities deserve nothing less than their very best.

All Services Offered:


  1. Meal Distribution: Harvest Hope Food Bank supplies meals to various entities, including soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and schools, ensuring that individuals facing food insecurity have access to nourishing meals.


  1. Programs: The organization operates a range of programs to address hunger in South Carolina. These programs aim to provide immediate relief and long-term assistance to everyone in their who are in need.


Become a Volunteer:

You can play a crucial role in ending hunger by volunteering with Harvest Hope Food Bank. By offering your time and support, you help save the organization significant staffing costs, allowing more funds to be directly allocated to providing food to those in need. Volunteers contribute in various capacities, including sorting and distributing food, assisting with community events, and supporting administrative tasks. Contact Harvest Hope directly to learn more about volunteer opportunities and make a meaningful impact in the fight against hunger.


Make Donations:

Harvest Hope Food Bank relies on the generosity of donors to continue its mission of feeding South Carolinians facing food insecurity. Monetary donations are crucial in expanding their operations, especially in underserved rural communities and areas lacking access to grocery stores. Each dollar donated allows Harvest Hope to provide four meals to individuals in need, making a significant and tangible impact. You can also contribute by organizing food drives or participating in community events aimed at collecting food items. These efforts complement the fresh and frozen donations received from local sources. Host a food drive and arrange for the collected items to be picked up or delivered to one of Harvest Hope’s locations.



They are playing a vital role in fighting hunger and creating a healthy and hunger-free future for individuals and communities across the state. Their commitment to social justice, respect, integrity, collaboration, innovation, accountability, and excellence guides their work. By volunteering your time, making monetary donations, or organizing food drives, you can actively contribute to their mission and make a positive difference in the lives of South Carolinians facing food insecurity. Together, we can combat hunger and build a stronger, more resilient community.




Address: PO Box 451

Columbia, SC 29202

Phone:  864-281-3995



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