Harvest Regional Food Bank todogod
Harvest Regional Food Bank todogod


Harvest Regional Food Bank

Since the 1980s, Harvest Regional Food Bank has been a lifeline for families in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. The organization provides nutritional assistance to individuals and families in need and is devoted to the struggle against starvation. It is impossible to overstate the significance of combating starvation in society, and the Organization is doing its part to ensure that no one goes famished.

Organization’s network of dozens of food pantries in a 10-county region enables them to serve more individuals and families. The affiliation with Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization, enables the organization to collaborate with food banks across the country to combat food insecurity.

The food bank also operates the Summer Feeding Program, which seeks to provide children with nutritious meals during the summer months when school is out. During the school year, many low-income families rely on the program to help fill the void in their meal provision. This is an essential service that ensures children are well-nourished and academically prepared when school resumes.

For their work, the Organization relies significantly on donations and volunteers. There are multiple methods for donating to the organization. At their centers, individuals can donate food or money or participate in food campaigns. Donations are always appreciated, and they enable the food bank to continue providing essential community services.

Additionally, the organization encourages volunteers to join their fight against starvation. Volunteers can assist with food sorting, food distribution, and administrative duties. Volunteering with Organization allows individuals to have a direct impact on their community and contribute to a worthy cause.

The Organization is eager to collaborate with more local churches, colleges, and organizations to combat food insecurity. The organization has been providing food assistance for over 30 years, and their efforts to ensure that no one goes famished continue to expand.

In addition to providing food assistance, Organization has a program through which individuals can donate and receive a t-shirt in recognition of their support. The garments are available in adult and juvenile sizes, with the adult tee costing $20 and the junior tee costing $15.

In conclusion, Harvest Regional Food Bank’s services are indispensable in the battle against food insecurity in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. Through the organization’s initiatives and services, children and families are able to satisfy their nutritional requirements. By donating to or volunteering with Organization, individuals can join the fight against starvation and improve their community.



Address: 3120 E. 19th St.

Texarkana, AR 71854

Phone:  870-774-1398



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