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HasanaH is a non-profit platform with the mission of mobilising impact-driven philanthropy resources to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Organization that helps donors learn about and evaluate the results of giving to humanitarian initiatives, campaigns, and funds in over 150 countries working to solve some of the world’s most critical problems.

HasanaH is revolutionary because it adheres to Islamic law (Shari’ah) while welcoming philanthropic support from people of all religions. Its groundbreaking design honours Islamic norms and values while also welcoming those of other faiths and cultures.

Donors of all religions may use the information provided by HasanaH to choose to give to organisations with a history of success and to stay abreast of how their money is being used. HasanaH is an invaluable resource for Muslims seeking to maximise the effect of their almsgiving (Zakat & Sadaqah). Each project’s eligibility for Zakat is not decided on a case-by-case basis by the organisation. Instead, HasanaH allows donors to make well-informed selections based on trustworthy data, channelling their support towards programmes with a proven track record and which reflect their own values and interests.

Fifteen fatwas were acquired from many Islamic authorities from UAE, Egypt and Jordan to confirm that HasanaH meets the requirements of Islamic Shari’ah. As of November 2017, when Dr. al-Ift’ did, HasanaH has widespread popular backing in Egypt.

HasanaH’s goal is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of charitable contributions across all faiths, not only Islam. The group does not endorse preaching or religious conversion and does not insist that its members follow any one creed or religion.

To sum up, HasanaH is a forward-thinking group that successfully balances observance of Islamic tenets with acceptance of those of different faiths and cultures. The organisation is committed to reputable and proven initiatives, ensuring that contributions are having a beneficial influence on the world’s most urgent concerns, and its innovative strategy enables contributors of all backgrounds to make educated decisions about where to focus their charitable cash.






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