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Kansas Food Bank


Kansas Food Bank: Nourishing Communities, Fighting Hunger



The Kansas Food Bank serves as the primary source of food for numerous hunger-relief agencies in its extensive 85-county service area. The food bank plays a vital role in providing essential nourishment to individuals and families in need. Through child hunger programs and collaborations with community partners, the Kansas Food Bank strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity.


Providing Food for Hunger-Relief Agencies

As a central hub for food distribution, the Kansas Food Bank ensures that hunger-relief agencies across its service area have a reliable source of food. By working in collaboration with these agencies, the food bank helps provide essential resources to individuals and families who struggle to access adequate meals. Through their efforts, the Kansas Food Bank addresses the immediate needs of the community and helps alleviate hunger.


Child Hunger Programs

Recognizing the urgency of addressing child hunger, the Kansas Food Bank implements dedicated programs to ensure that children have access to nutritious meals. These programs aim to support vulnerable children and families by providing meals during school breaks and weekends, when access to school meals may be limited. By focusing on the unique needs of children, the food bank strives to promote healthy development and reduce food insecurity among young individuals.


Community Rewards Program with Dillons

The Kansas Food Bank participates in the Dillons Community Rewards program, allowing community members to support the food bank through their purchases. By linking their Dillons rewards card to the food bank’s number, individuals can contribute to the fight against hunger while shopping for groceries. This partnership provides an accessible and effortless way to make a difference and support the Kansas Food Bank’s mission.


Eastern Region Distribution Center

The Food Bank operates an Eastern Region Distribution Center in Independence, Kansas, serving the specific needs of the eastern region. This distribution center acts as a vital hub for efficiently collecting and distributing food to agencies in the area. Through the center’s efforts, the Kansas FB ensures that individuals and families in the eastern region have access to the food they require, offering a lifeline in times of need.


Corporate Donations: Making an Impact

In addition to food drives, the Kansas FB receives generous monetary donations from various corporate partners. These contributions play a significant role in supporting the food bank’s operations and enabling the provision of food to hunger-relief agencies. The collective support from corporate donors strengthens the food bank’s ability to address food insecurity and positively impact the lives of individuals and families in the community.



The Kansas FB serves as a lifeline for individuals and families facing food insecurity in its expansive service area. Through collaborations with hunger-relief agencies, child hunger programs, community partnerships like Dillons, and the support of corporate donors, the food bank plays a pivotal role in nourishing communities and fighting hunger. By addressing immediate needs and focusing on the well-being of children, the Kansas Food Bank creates a stronger and more resilient future for those it serves.




Address: 1919 E. Douglas, Wichita, Kansas 67211


Phone:  316-265-3663


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