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La Casa Inc.


La Casa, Inc. offers aid to all victims of domestic violence.

24 Hour Service: 1(800) 376-2272 or (575) 526-9513

In 1981, a group of important women who were fed up with domestic violence formed La Casa, Inc., a non-profit organization. La Casa, Inc.’s aim is to assist any family enduring domestic violence. This organization offers shelter, advocacy, support, education, and counseling to victims and children of domestic abuse, among many other services. La Casa, Inc. is the lone service provider in the area due to strong demand.

La Casa, Inc.’s services for victims of domestic abuse are the best quality, most beneficial, and most significant in the sector. A number of workers of the company serve on government boards and commissions. La Casa, Inc. operates one of the biggest and safest emergency shelters in all of New Mexico. The company is open 24/7, every day of the year, for your convenience.

The Residential Shelter Program of La Casa, Inc. helps both adult and child victims of domestic abuse. The program offers its members with a safe environment, nutritious meals, clothes, toiletries, peer support, and case management. Survivors living in the community collaborate with case managers to achieve the objectives they have set for themselves. These objectives may include improving their mental and physical health, receiving access to vital services and programs, enhancing their financial stability, or obtaining meaningful work. Children of clients have access to a variety of after-school and summer camp programs provided by both other groups and the organization itself. If the client’s support network is located outside of New Mexico, relocation aid is made available.

The clients of La Casa, Inc. get specialized, empathetic help as they rebuild their lives after a domestic violence-related crises. Through a client-centered program of counseling, therapy, and education, it is possible to overcome the effects of domestic violence and live a more fulfilling life. Also, clients are strongly encouraged to engage in bilingual domestic violence education and support programs. English and Spanish Circle of Security support groups are available for parents.

La Casa, Inc. provides programs for offenders who have been referred by the court or have voluntarily sought them out. The 52-week curriculum of the Batterer Intervention Program (B.I.P.) includes education on domestic abuse, group therapy, and individual sessions. The purpose of the program is to educate individuals how to regulate their emotions, increase their self-awareness, and take responsibility for their actions. Participants are often given a trial period during which they are observed attentively.


Services Offered


Emergency Shelter

24/7 Crisis intervention and trauma-informed care training for victims and their children.

Residential Shelter Program

Access to a safe environment, nutritious meals, clothes, personal hygiene products, support groups, and case management services for victims of domestic abuse and their children.

Income and Employment Support

Provides access to Income Support Programs, Workforce Solutions, job fairs, and other employment and financial aid-related services.

Victim Resource Centers

Transportation help, adult, and child enrollment in school or training programs, and other victim aid programs.

Services and Support Program

One-on-one, sympathetic assistance for clients to rebuild their life that brings health, happiness, and fulfillment. Counseling, therapy, and education for overcoming the effects of domestic abuse and moving towards a more fulfilling life.

Domestic Violence Education and Support Programs

Offered in both English and Spanish for clients encouraged to join, including groups for parents called “Circle of Security.”

Behavioral Intervention Program

A 52-week program for participants recommended by the court or select victims who have filed for an order of protection against their abusers.

Children and Young Adults Services

Offers strategies for parents, education, and therapy programs for children and young adults affected by domestic abuse.



Address: 800 S Walnut St. Las Cruces, NM 88001


Administration: (575) 526-2819

24 Hour Service: 1(800) 376-2272 or (575) 526-9513

Dona Ana County 1-800-376-2272

Luna & Hidalgo County 575-546-6539

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