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Lewisham Foodbank
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Lewisham Foodbank

The Lewisham Foodbank is ready to support those in need in Lewisham in every way possible, including by providing emergency food. Lewisham is a borough in South London, and its food bank aims to alleviate food insecurity and hunger there. The organisation was established in 2011 and is affiliated with the Trussell Trust network of food banks.

Local organisations, like as healthcare professionals, social workers, and Citizens Advice, send individuals in need of food delivery to the Lewisham Foodbank. Customers must get a coupon from one of these organisations to receive a food package. The shipment may be redeemed at any of the food bank’s distribution centres with the voucher. The ration packages are intended to last for three days and provide enough food to preserve health.

The food bank collaborates with other organisations to provide its customers with a broad range of services, including guidance on managing debt, assistance with applying for social benefits, and mental health counselling. Together, the food bank and these other organisations aid people in acquiring the resources necessary to withstand a tough moment and avoid future problems.


In addition to food distribution and social assistance, the Lewisham Foodbank conducts a variety of community events. A cooking club where members may learn new recipes and techniques, and a communal garden where customers and volunteers can grow their own food.

The Lewisham Foodbank can only function due of community support. Besides accepting food and monetary contributions, the food bank serves the local community. Volunteers are vital to the running of the organisation, from food delivery to customer service.

The Lewisham Foodbank is dedicated to eliminate hunger in the community and collaborates with local organisations to achieve this goal. The nonprofit seeks a more equitable future in which no one need emergency food assistance.

The Lewisham Foodbank is a vital resource for individuals in need in the surrounding area. By taking a comprehensive strategy to addressing food insecurity, the organisation is bettering the lives of its constituents. The community programmes and social justice activities of the Lewisham Foodbank contribute to the region’s resilience and resiliency.




Address. Stanstead Rd London SE23 1HP United Kingdom


Phone. 07938 071854




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