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Living Well Bromley
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Living Well Bromley

Living Well Bromley is a nonprofit organisation in London, United Kingdom, whose mission is to provide support and help to needy community people. Among other things, the group offers a food bank, hot meals, advocacy counsel on benefits and housing, mental health help, and community cafés.

Three times every week, Living Well Bromley opens its food bank, which is one of its core services. The food bank offers a variety of non-perishable food supplies to people, families, and the elderly in need. In addition to the food bank, the charity also provides cooked meals every Friday in a warm and inviting setting.

Also, Living Well Bromley provides advocacy guidance to people in need. The group gives aid and direction to persons who need assistance navigating the complicated housing and welfare systems. The team works directly with clients to ensure they get the necessary assistance, including assistance with completing documents and attending appointments.

Living Well Bromley’s community cafés are open during food bank hours, providing a warm and friendly setting for people in need. Among other things, the cafes provide counselling and mental health help, art cafes, and choir cafes. In addition, Living Well Bromley offers a clothing bank and minor sewing repairs to assist folks keep warm and clothed.

Living Well Bromley is a significant organisation in the community, serving individuals in need with crucial services. Whether via food, advocacy advice, or mental health services, Living Well Bromley is dedicated to assisting people in leading a healthy and satisfying life.




Address: Living Well, Holy Trinity Church, 66 Lennard Road, London, SE20 7LX


Phone:  07864 591607


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