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Toiletries, lockers, clean yet lightly used clothes, and assistance with benefit applications, details and recommendations, day labour opportunities, managing cases

Medical Care

Team-based psychiatric care provided by on-staff psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, experts on substance misuse, drug addiction assistance and treatment

Mental Health Services

Mental health professionals for individual and group psychotherapy, medication management


Assistance with search, subsidies, and retention, project-based unit with on-site facilities or shared flat, maintaining housing and obtaining necessary services

Street Medicine

Risk assessment, clinical health evaluations, wellness examinations, COVID-19 testing, triage and treatment, complicated wound care, pharmaceutical support, health navigation to insurance, health homes, alternative treatments, and other resources


Psychotherapy, psychoactive drugs, skill development, individualized counseling or advocacy, assistance in finding work or school, group seminars and classes, societal services


Typing and computer skills, phone, email, and internet technologies, generating resumes, customized tutoring, high school equivalency tutoring and practice examinations, access to computer labs


The mission of Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHALA), a nonprofit organisation, is to provide people with mental health issues the resources and assistance they need to live fulfilling lives in their communities. The MHALA embraces the following values: innovation, hope, equality, collaboration, openness, transparency, empowerment, compassion, and respect. MHALA has a staff of over 400 employees and uses an integrated, comprehensive service approach that meets each client where they are and tailors services to their needs.

The MHALA assists adults, transition-age youth, veterans, and others who are or have been homeless who are in need of financial assistance. Teams of diverse professionals who are built on strengths and work in collaboration with the clients they serve provide their services. MHALA provides services across Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, the Antelope Valley, and the Santa Clarita Valley.

For many years, MHALA has encouraged systemic changes and taught thousands of individuals locally, nationally, and internationally. From its inception as the Mental Hygiene Committee in 1924, MHALA has been committed to advancing mental health in the Los Angeles community.


Mental Health America of Los Angeles is a useful resource for persons with mental health issues who may not have the financial resources to get the therapy they need. A crucial organisation for providing mental health support in the Los Angeles community, MHALA maintains concepts like innovation, hope, honesty, equality, collaboration, transparency, empowerment, compassion, and respect. It also offers a comprehensive and integrated service strategy.



Address: Mental Health America of Los Angeles | 200 Pine Avenue, Suite 400, Long Beach


Phone:  888-242-2522


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