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Mental Health Association of Fauquier County


Mental Health Association of Fauquier County (MHAFC)


A nonprofit group called the Mental Health Association of Fauquier County (MHAFC) was founded in 1964 to provide community-based mental health clinics and advocacy. The organisation interacts with various community partners to provide comprehensive assistance to individuals in need while working to lessen the stigma connected to mental illness and addiction. Some of the institutions that MHAFC works with to offer mental health services to at-risk kids and to combat problems like the opioid epidemic include Fauquier County Public Schools, the Fauquier Free Clinic, and the local police department.


The Youth and Family Initiative, which strives to combat dangerous drug use and mental health concerns, is one of the community-wide programmes in which MHAFC plays a leading role. The institution also oversees a planning effort to integrate behavioural health with medical care and is focused on increasing access to behavioural health treatment via tele-counseling and telepsychiatry. Leaders from partner organisations are brought together by the Mental Health Collaboration to develop community-wide objectives and monitor progress towards improving behavioural health.


To assist locals in finding the right assistance, MHAFC maintains a database of available services in the area and offers information and referral services. Together with other educational initiatives, it also provides the community with Mental Health First Aid. Professionals and community members may attend workshops and conferences on subjects including managing paediatric anxiety and opioid addiction. The group gathers data via projects like the 2019 PRIDE Survey on drug use and mental health among young people in the area. MHAFC organises bi-annual Community Dialogues on Mental Health and Substance Use to get feedback from the neighbourhood on issues and suggestions for remedies.


Overall, the Mental Health Association of Fauquier County contributes significantly to the community by offering essential services and working in conjunction with other groups to build a wide-ranging network of support. The group is dedicated to promoting good behavioural health in the community, lowering the stigma attached to mental illness and addiction, and campaigning for mental health and drug use.




Organization Name

Mental Health Association of Fauquier County (MHAFC)

Year Founded


Organization Type


Services Provided

Advocacy, education, community outreach, behavioral health treatment, data-gathering, information and referral services, workshops and conferences


Fauquier County Public Schools, Fauquier Free Clinic, local law enforcement, Mental Health Collaborative

Community-wide Efforts

Youth and Family Initiative, planning effort to integrate behavioral health with medical care, expanding access to behavioral health care through tele-counseling and telepsychiatry

Database of Local Resources


Education Programs

Mental Health First Aid, workshops and conferences

Data-Gathering Efforts

2019 PRIDE Survey of mental health and substance use among local youth

Community Dialogues

Bi-annual discussions on Mental Health and Substance Use

Target Audience

Individuals seeking mental health and substance use support, at-risk students, professionals, and community members





Address: The Mental Health Association of Fauquier County P.O. Box 3549 Warrenton, VA 20188


Phone:  (540) 341-8732


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