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move for hunger
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Move for hunger

Answer: Move for Hunger is an organization that strives to reduce food waste by utilizing the power of relocation. Through their innovative program, they partner with moving companies and real estate agents to collect non-perishable food items from those who are relocating and deliver them to local food banks and pantries. This helps reduce the amount of edible food wasted each year and provides much-needed support for those facing hunger in their community.


Move for Hunger has been able to provide over 12 million pounds of food to date, making a difference in countless lives nationwide. They also offer educational programs designed to raise awareness about food waste, as well as resources on how people can help make an impact in their own neighborhoods. With Move for Hunger’s commitment to fighting hunger, they have become an inspiring example of what can be accomplished when people come together with a shared purpose.


  1. Food collection and delivery
  2. Education programs about food waste
  3. Resources for local action
  4. Volunteer opportunities to help fight hunger in the community
  5. Donation program to support their cause
  6. Corporate partnership program to involve businesses in the fight against hunger


Move for Hunger is a prime example of how individuals, businesses, and organizations can work together towards a common goal of ending hunger and reducing food waste around the world. By taking part in this movement, we can all make an impact and create positive change within our own communities. Together, we can move for a hunger-free future!



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