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Neighbourly is an organisation that facilitates the transfer of commodities, funds, and surplus inventory from for-profit corporations to non-profit organisations that may make better use of them. The platform is user-friendly and self-service, allowing businesses to handle their philanthropic activities in-house or with the assistance of an external agency. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Neighbourly platform intends to have donated £1 billion by 2025, up from the current projection of £255 million.

Neighbourly has endeavoured to make local effect a core element of ethical business since its beginning in 2014. Neighbourly is an innovative British B Corporation whose purpose is to enhance people’s lives and safeguard the environment. The platform has been at the forefront of impact measurement and reporting for so long that it has become the global benchmark for philanthropic giving.

The platform aids businesses in enhancing their image, gaining the confidence of their constituents, and creating a sense of purpose by centralising information on social and environmental effect and allowing them to construct narratives about their local impact. Neighbourly has acquired the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) highest security certification, ISO27001.


The platform is used by over 250,000 organisations in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including food banks, community centres, and hospices. The features of the platform are provided at free cost so that NGOs, schools, and community organisations may use them without restriction.

Neighborly joined the Good Business Charter in 2020, a network of forward-thinking companies dedicated to improving the lives of their employees, taxpayers, the environment, customers, and suppliers. This accreditation demonstrates that Neighbourly is on par with the greatest companies in terms of employee perks and social responsibility.

By establishing relationships with local stores and warehouses, businesses may get contributions of high-quality surplus products. Neighbourly has organised with big merchants like M&S, Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and B&Q to donate enough food to feed millions of hungry individuals. Companies who get government subsidies or generate funds locally for charitable reasons are also invited to participate in the platform’s operations. The allocated funds may only be utilised for their authorised purpose.

Neighbourly links organisations in the United Kingdom and Ireland with tens of thousands of employee volunteers who are accessible during their free time and willing to provide a help. Our website assists local organisations in locating the appropriate volunteers, whether they need assistance with data entry, gardening, or constituent counselling.

Neighbourly is a portal for local businesses to give back to their communities via volunteer activities, financial gifts, and the distribution of excess goods. The website is user-friendly and self-service, and it supports a nationwide network of decentralised philanthropic organisations. Neighbourly’s ISO27001 accreditation demonstrates that it meets the most demanding criteria for information security management systems, and the firm aims to create a £1 billion beneficial impact by 2025. Neighbourly is thus glad to be affiliated with the Good Business Charter and invites other businesses to follow its example in improving employee and community wellbeing.



Address: Engine Shed, Station Approach, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6QH

Phone:  0117 422 0866

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