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Foodbank Newport todogod
Foodbank Newport todogod


Newport Foodbank

Since 2013, the Newport Foodbank, which is linked with The Trussell Trust, has assisted individuals in need. Last year, they supported 2,416 individuals and families in need by supplying them with three days’ worth of food. Local churches and community groups provide nonperishable, in-date food to the organization, which uses it.

Volunteers play a vital part in the operation of the Newport Foodbank by verifying food’s expiry dates and packaging food into cartons. They are important to the running of the food bank.

Physicians, health visitors, social workers, and even police officers recommend those in need to the Newport Foodbank. These employees assist persons in need by providing them with vouchers redeemable for food at food banks.

The organization offers emergency food packets with a guaranteed three-day shelf life. Each box contains nonperishable food items such as cereal, spaghetti, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit juice, soup, and dessert. People and families experiencing financial hardship due to causes such as delayed benefits, low income, job loss, illness, or family breakdown are eligible to receive the packages.

Existence of the Newport Foodbank has had far-reaching repercussions on the community. Owing to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s services are more crucial than ever in assisting those who are struggling to make ends meet.

In conclusion, Newport Foodbank is an outstanding organization that helps individuals in need during times of economic hardship. The success of the organization is dependent on contributions from churches and community groups, as well as the time and effort of volunteers. Foodbank vouchers, which are provided by specialists after verifying that a person or family is in need, enable individuals to get emergency food supplies. Designed to last at least three days, the foodbank’s emergency food packages contain a selection of non-perishable items. The contributions of Newport Foodbank to the community are significant, and their impacts may be felt far and wide.




Address: Christchurch Centre

BT Compound

Malpas Road


NP20 5PP



Phone:  01633 822211

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