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North Texas Food Bank


North Texas Food Bank

Fighting Hunger, Nourishing Hope



North Texas Food Bank It is a prominent organization dedicated to end hunger and providing hope to communities in North Texas. Established in 1982, the NTFB has grown exponentially over the years, distributing an impressive 125 million meals in its last fiscal year through a network of over 400 Partner Agencies. With a mission to create a hunger-free and healthy North Texas, it provides a wide range of servics and initiatives to address hunger.


Vision and Mission: Food and Hope for All

The NTFB operates with a clear vision and mission in mind:


  1. Vision: The organization envisions a North Texas where no one has to worry about where their next meal will come from, fostering a community where hunger is eradicated, and all individuals have access to nutritious food.


  1. Mission: By ensuring that people in North Texas have access to healthy meals, the NTFB is working toward its goal of eliminating hunger in the region, advocating for policies that benefit food-insecure communities, and partnering with local agencies to support those in need.


Services Offered

The North Texas Food Bank offers a comprehensive range of services and initiatives to tackle hunger and uplift the community. Some of their key programs include:


  1. Child Hunger Initiatives: Recognizing the critical importance of addressing childhood hunger, the NTFB implements programs such as Kids Cafe and School Pantry. These initiatives provide nutritious meals and snacks to children in need, ensuring they have access to nourishing food both at school and during out-of-school hours.


  1. Senior Programs: The NTFB recognizes the unique challenges faced by seniors experiencing food insecurity. They provide programs like as Senior Box and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) to give older persons with wholesome food that is particularly adapted to meet their individual dietary requirements.


  1. Nutrition Services: In addition to food assistance, the NTFB provides nutrition services to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices. These services include cooking demonstrations, nutrition education classes, and access to fresh produce through their garden programs.


  1. Disaster Relief: During times of crisis and natural disasters, the NTFB plays a crucial role in providing emergency food assistance and relief efforts.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are instrumental in the NTFB’s mission to fight hunger in North Texas. By dedicating their time and energy, volunteers contribute to making a significant impact in their community. The NTFB offers various volunteer opportunities, such as the Pack and Box program, where individuals or groups can help package boxes or bags of food for distribution. Additionally, volunteers can participate in Senior Food Box Distribution, Mobile Pantry Distribution, or even serve as virtual volunteers as Social Media Ambassadors.


Make Donations

Supporting the NTFB’s mission is made possible through generous donations from individuals and organizations. By making a donation, individuals can directly impact the NTFB’s efforts to provide food assistance and support programs that combat hunger in North Texas. The NTFB offers the option to make a monthly gift or a one-time donation, and all contributions go a long way in providing nutritious meals to those who need them most. Furthermore, the David M. Crowley Foundation generously matches donations, doubling the impact of each contribution up to $350,000.



The North Texas Food Bank is a selfless organization that serves the region of North Texas with the dual goals of alleviating hunger and fostering a sense of optimism. The National Tree Fruit Board (NTFB) works to reduce food poverty, increase access to healthy meals, and provide people and communities the tools they need to lead healthier lives via its extensive variety of programs and projects. The National Turkey Federation (NTFB) continues to make a major difference in the lives of individuals whose lives are touched by hunger thanks to the help of volunteers, donors, and community partners. We can eliminate hunger in North Texas and make it healthier for everyone if we work together toward that goal.




Address: 3677 Mapleshade Lane

Plano Texas, 75075



Phone:  214-330-1396


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