Pembrokeshire Foodbank


Pembrokeshire Foodbank

The Pembrokeshire Foodbank opened its doors to county residents in need of emergency food assistance in 2014. The Trussell Trust, of which it is a part, is a nationwide network of foodbanks with the aim of eradicating hunger and poverty in the United Kingdom.

Last year, Pembrokeshire Foodbank provided food to over 2,113 persons in distress, illustrating the growing need for such programs. Volunteers work long hours to ensure that persons in need may rely on assistance when times are difficult.

FOOD SHARE is a feature of the Pembrokeshire Foodbank since it enables consumers to get food without submitting a coupon. No one will be refused entrance to their lunch program on the basis of their financial position.

For those who are disqualified for the meal SHARE program, the organization also provides a voucher-based meal service. The foodbank takes recommendations from medical professionals, health care professionals, and social assistance organizations. Then, they are given a coupon redeemable at a local food bank for three days’ worth of food.

Pembrokeshire Foodbank collects donations of nonperishable food items with the assistance of local churches and community groups. Before being delivered, donated goods are extensively tested for spoilage and shelf life. This ensures that beneficiaries get nutritious, well-balanced meals.

The organization relies on both monetary and food donations to satisfy its daily requirements. Included in this group are rent, utilities, and salary. The Pembrokeshire Foodbank welcomes all contributions, regardless of size, since they help them to continue assisting those in need.

The Pembrokeshire Foodbank is a crucial community service that provides food and other supplies to individuals in need during times of crisis. The meal SHARE program and voucher-based meal service ensure that no one goes hungry and that those in need get the necessary assistance. Local churches, community groups, and kind individuals make it possible for Pembrokeshire Foodbank to assist those in need.



Address: Pembrokeshire Foodbank Head Office

Liberty Cafe

Grace Court House,

Market Square,


SA67 7AU



Phone:  07913 989624 or 01834 861999




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