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Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank


Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank

The Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank has been giving emergency food and other resources to individuals in need since 2009. The Foodbank is linked with the Trussell Trust, the largest network of food banks in the United Kingdom, and provides enough food for three days to anybody in need.

As the demand for food banks in the Penryn and Falmouth regions grew too large to be handled by individual charities, the organization was created. The mission of the Foodbank is to assist individuals in times of need, such as when someone loses their job, their benefits are delayed, they get ill, or for any other reason that makes it difficult for them to make ends meet.

The Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank offers a variety of community services. Individuals are assisted by these groups via the delivery of emergency food supplies, the referral to other resources, and the provision of helpful information and direction.

The Foodbank is managed by volunteers who are devoted to feeding the poor. Without the aid of its devoted volunteers, the organization could not collect and process food contributions, distribute food packages, or provide assistance and direction to persons in need. The generosity of the Foodbank’s volunteers is what makes this organization such a value to the community.

The Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank is aware that there are several means of combating poverty and suffering. That is why they work so closely with other organizations to help persons in crisis in addressing the underlying roots of their difficulties. The organization strives to break the cycle of poverty and suffering in the region by providing a range of services and aid.

In conclusion, the Penryn & Falmouth Foodbank provides a lifeline to suffering members of our community. The organization is striving to reduce poverty and suffering in the region by distributing emergency food aid, guiding individuals to other options, and offering helpful advice and support. The success of the organization is largely attributable to the hard work of its volunteer leaders.



Address: Highway Community Centre, Church Road, Penryn, TR10 8DA


Phone:  01326 618575

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