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Pontypridd Foodbank
Pontypridd Foodbank


Pontypridd Foodbank

Since its 2012 opening, the Pontypridd Foodbank has been a lifeline for people in need. The neighborhood food bank provides three days’ worth of food to anyone who are having difficulty making ends meet for whatever reason. The organization sent 2,042 emergency food kits in 2021 in response to the increased need for aid.

In an attempt to address hunger, the Pontypridd area food bank opened its doors in 2012. Since then, it has provided emergency food aid to those in need. Individuals often use food banks due of temporary financial troubles. The foodbank’s well-balanced three-day emergency food packages are meant to assist those in need endure difficult times.

As service demand expanded, the food bank started to overflow its initial facility at St. Luke’s Church. The organization moved to the old Riverside Day Centre in Treforest to better serve the local community. As a consequence of this transfer, the food bank can now assist a larger number of individuals.

The food bank is operated by a group of altruistic volunteers who spend their time and energy to ensuring that people in need get the necessary assistance. Background and expertise of the volunteers are quite different, and this variety is of significant use to the organization. They exerted considerable effort to collect food and other requirements from local institutes of higher education and civic organizations. These contributions are sent to those in need after being processed and packed into emergency food packages.

It is significant that Pontypridd’s food bank puts great emphasis to giving guidance. Volunteers at the foodbank are informed of the different resources available to individuals in need and are able to lead them there. Give information and recommendations to other organizations that may be able to assist with issues such as debt, housing, and employment.

The Pontypridd Foodbank’s distribution of emergency food to individuals in need is an essential service. Its volunteers assist individuals in need by collecting donations, arranging food packages, offering emotional support, and providing referrals. Notwithstanding the increased demand for its services, the organization’s commitment to its objective of serving the community and aiding those in need remains strong.



Address: The Riverside Day Centre

Nile Street



Phone:  01443 404692





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