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Project Semicolon
Project Semicolon


Project Semicolon

A charity group called Project Semicolon offers assistance and support to those dealing with addiction, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts. Semicolon, the name of the organisation, is a literary device that indicates that a sentence is not yet complete, much as the lives of individuals who are dealing with mental health challenges are not yet completed.

Project Semicolon’s peer-to-peer assistance network is one of its main offerings. Via this network, people may connect with others who have gone through comparable events, creating a secure setting for story sharing and emotional support. The group also provides a variety of services, including guidance on how to communicate to friends and family members about mental health, self-care suggestions, and crisis support.

Project Semicolon also plans events and campaigns to spread knowledge about mental health and suicide prevention in addition to their online tools. One such initiative is the yearly “National Suicide Prevention Week,” which tries to raise awareness of the suicide warning signs and provide people the tools they need to get assistance.

Also, Project Semicolon sells a variety of goods, such as apparel, jewellery, and accessories, all of which bear the group’s distinctive semicolon logo. The organization’s goal of offering assistance and support to persons dealing with mental health problems is supported in part by the money from these sales.

By giving people the tools, community, and support they need to recover and flourish, Project Semicolon contributes significantly to the effort to prevent suicide and mental health problems. The group is assisting in eradicating the stigma associated with mental health concerns and building a better future for those with mental health difficulties by increasing awareness and providing a safe environment for people to connect with one another.


Address: P. O. Box 337134, Greeley, Colorado, 80633


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