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Rainham Foodbank


Rainham Foodbank

Rainham Foodbank is a local organisation committed to assisting people and families in the Rainham region who are facing financial hardship or food insecurity. Their principal objective is to aid in the prevention of hunger and offer much-needed assistance to people who are through challenging circumstances.

The Rainham Foodbank offers food assistance to needy people and families. They gather food contributions from the local community in collaboration with local churches, schools, and other groups. These gifts are then utilised to produce food packages for distribution to needy individuals and families. Also, the group collaborates with other charities and organisations to offer additional support services, such as debt counselling, welfare advice, and aid with job searches.

The Rainham Foodbank recognises the complexity of the underlying causes of food insecurity and employs a comprehensive strategy to address these concerns. They provide assistance and referrals to organisations that may assist individuals and families in addressing the underlying reasons of their financial challenges. This covers budgeting, debt management, and job counselling and assistance.

The organization’s operations rely significantly on contributions from the local community. Volunteers who are willing to assist with the sorting, packaging, and delivery of food packs are welcomed. Donations to the Rainham Foodbank may make a significant impact in the lives of persons experiencing economic difficulties.

In conclusion, the Rainham Foodbank is a significant local charity that offers essential assistance to people and families in need. Via their food aid programmes and support services, they are dedicated to avoiding hunger and addressing the causes of food insecurity. By contributing to the Rainham Foodbank, people and companies can guarantee that disadvantaged members of their community have access to the food and assistance they need to flourish.




Address: First Floor, The Mick Fury House, Lowen Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 8HT



01708 397484

07367 335970





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