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Rescuing Leftover Cuisine
Rescuing Leftover Cuisine


Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

A non-profit initiative called Rescuing Leftover Food gives area restaurants a place to donate their extra food to people in need. The group has made it a priority to fight food waste and alleviate poverty in a variety of American neighbourhoods.

The goal of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is to close the gap between the number of Americans who go hungry every day and the amount of food that is wasted. The charity wants to salvage as much extra food as it can and give it to people who lack access to food. They want to raise awareness of the problem of food waste in communities and motivate people to take action by giving time, making donations, or just changing little things about their daily routines.

With the help of its partners, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine offers grocery shops, restaurants, and catering services an easy and efficient option to donate their extra food. Volunteers from the group pick up the food and deliver it to community kitchens, food banks, and shelters in the area. They collaborate with more than 2,000 food donors and 300 non-profit partners to serve more than 100,000 individuals with meals each year.

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine works to address the root causes of food insecurity in addition to provide food distribution and rescue services. The organisation offers educational programmes, workshops, and training sessions to businesses and communities in an effort to decrease food waste and promote sustainable practises.

Moreover, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine provides volunteer opportunities for people and organisations that want to support their cause. In addition to helping with fundraising activities and office work, volunteers may help with food pick-ups, delivery, and sorting. For students with an interest in nonprofit administration, hunger assistance, and reducing food waste, the organisation also provides internship opportunities.

Address: Rescuing Leftover Cuisine 25 Broadway New York, New York 10004

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Phone: +1 646-592-2229


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