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River Bend Food Bank
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River Bend Food Bank

River Bend Food Bank is a charitable organisation with its headquarters in Davenport, Iowa, that works towards the elimination of hunger and the provision of supplemental food to those who are in need of it. Since its founding in 1982, the organisation has given out millions of pounds’ worth of food to hunger relief organisations located across its service region in the states of Iowa and Illinois.

The food bank acts as a central location for the collection, secure storage, and distribution of food to the charitable organisations that it collaborates with at no cost or at a significant discount. This indicates that those who are in need of food may have access to it via the food pantries and organisations that are partners with the food bank. In addition, the food bank accepts monetary contributions and gifts of food at any time of the year, and it also coordinates campaigns in the community to raise money and collect food.

No one goes hungry

It is because to the dedication of the volunteers, who provide both their time and their skills, that the organisation has been able to guarantee that no one in the region it serves goes hungry. The food bank makes available to individuals, groups, and organisations interested in supporting their mission a variety of possibilities to donate their time. Volunteer opportunities may be provided on a one-time or continuous basis to workers or members of an organisation by the employer or the organisation itself.

The experiences of individuals like Shawn, who have benefitted from the food pantry’s services, provide a window into the significance of the River Bend Food Bank’s work in the community. Shawn was thankful for the food that was provided to him and shared his appreciation by expressing, “The food from the building’s food pantry helps me and so many other people here.”

Over 20 million meals

Despite the fact that food insecurity reached its greatest point since 2009 in the year 2020, the River Bend Food Bank was able to make tremendous headway in the battle against hunger in the local community. They were successful in delivering over 20 million meals to the institutions and organisations that they collaborate with. The food bank continues to strive towards its purpose of giving food aid to people who are in need with the help of contributions, cash, and the assistance of volunteers.

People in the Iowa and Illinois service region who are in need of food assistance may get it from the River Bend Food Bank, which is an important organisation that works to eradicate hunger and distributes food to those in need. People in need get millions of pounds’ worth of food from the organisation, which does so via the pantries and organisations with whom it collaborates. The organisation welcomes financial contributions, gifts of food, and volunteers in order to further its purpose.



Address: 4010 KIMMEL DRIVE


Phone:  563-345-6490

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