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SANE Australia
SANE Australia


SANE Australia

A non-profit organisation called SANE Australia works to enhance the lives of those who are afflicted by mental illness. They provide a variety of services, including as hotlines, online discussion boards, instructional materials, and advocacy initiatives.

The SANE Helpline, one of the key services offered by SANE Australia, provides information, counselling, and emotional support to persons who are impacted by mental illness as well as to their relatives, friends, and carers. Staffed by qualified specialists, the hotline is open from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 10 pm AEST. In addition, SANE Australia provides online chat services that let users communicate with mental health specialists in real time.

A variety of peer support initiatives are also offered by SANE Australia, including an online forum where users may exchange stories and provide encouragement to one another. In order to aid individuals in understanding mental illness and its management, the organisation also offers free educational materials including books, Videos, and data sheets.

Together with providing support, SANE Australia also engages in advocacy work, pushing for improved mental health services and greater assistance for those who are dealing with mental illness. They collaborate closely with the government, the media, and other groups to promote improved mental health policy and increase public understanding of mental health concerns.

Overall, SANE Australia is crucial to the assistance and advocacy of Australians who are dealing with mental illness. Their assistance offers a lifeline to people who may be in need, and their advocacy work aids in spreading knowledge and encouraging improvements in mental health legislation and services.



Address: SANE PO Box 1226 Carlton VIC 3053


Phone:  +61 3 9682 5933

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