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Second Harvest of the Big Bend
Second Harvest of the Big Bend todogod


Second Harvest of the Big Bend

Tallahassee, Florida-based non-profit organisation Second Harvest of the Big Bend, Inc. is committed to alleviating poverty and food insecurity in the Big Bend region. The organisation operates as a charitable organisation. Since its founding in 1982, the organisation has worked to alleviate hunger in the local community by distributing nutritious meals via a network of organisations. Second Harvest of the Big Bend is an organisation that offers food assistance to low-income families and people. They are a member of the Feeding America network and try to fulfil their mission every day.

The goal

The goal of the organisation is to hasten the process of social transformation by providing sustenance to those in need, as well as through educating the public and rallying community support for efforts to eradicate hunger. The “meal gap” in the Big Bend region is estimated to be 25 million meals per year, and the prevalence of food insecurity in Leon County is 20.3%, which is equivalent to one in four individuals. During the course of the previous year, Second Harvest of the Big Bend dispersed more than three million pounds of food, which is equivalent to more than two million meals. This was done in order to solve the problem. Donations and the efforts of volunteers are necessary for the organisation to fulfil its purpose.

The volunteers

Over 1,000 individuals gave the food bank a combined total of 12,000 hours of their time as volunteers in the previous year. Second Harvest of the Big Bend depends on this support. In addition, the organisation works along with local companies, educational institutions, and religious organisations to spread awareness about the issue of hunger in the community. In addition, Second Harvest of the Big Bend offers nutrition education programmes that guide individuals and families through the process of making more nutritious food choices and maximising the value of their food dollars.

The Big Bend

Second Harvest of the Big Bend, Inc. is a charitable Health, Wellness, and Fitness organisation that utilises technology to keep track of food contributions, manage inventories, and deliver food to those who are in need. Because of the organization’s technology, it is able to function in an efficient and effective manner, which ensures that food contributions are sent to people who have the greatest need for them.

In conclusion, Second Harvest of the Big Bend, Inc is an important organisation in the battle against hunger and the lack of access to sufficient food in the Big Bend region. It is admirable that the organisation is dedicated to giving nutritious meals to people and families who are struggling to make ends meet; moreover, the fact that they rely on contributions and volunteers exemplifies the kindness and generosity of the local community. Second Harvest of the Big Bend is well-prepared to continue having a positive effect on the community as a result of the nutrition education programmes it offers and the technical breakthroughs it has made.



Address: 4446 Entrepot Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32310


Phone:  850-562-3033

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