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Share Food Program
Share Food Program


Share Food Program


A non-profit organisation called Share Food Program works to provide food and other necessities to those in need in the Philadelphia region. Share Food Program has been assisting the community for more than 35 years since it was founded in 1986. Their goal is to help individuals who lack access to healthy food while also fostering better local economies and minimising food waste.

A variety of programmes are available via the Share Food Program to combat hunger and food poverty. One of their main activities is running a food distribution programme, which provides fresh and wholesome food to over 500 member organisations in the Philadelphia region, including food banks, soup kitchens, and shelters. They also have a home delivery program for seniors who are unable to leave their homes and a backpack program for children who depend on school meals during the week.

The Share Food Program’s Community Kitchen programme, which teaches culinary skills to those looking for work or who want to learn how to prepare nutritious and economical meals, is a crucial initiative. As part of the programme, participants receive job readiness instruction, obtain useful culinary and food service skills, and learn how to make healthful meals.

As part of its advocacy efforts, Share Food Program also works with other groups to address the underlying causes of hunger and food insecurity. They support legislation that advances food justice and aims to improve everyone’s access to wholesome, reasonably priced food.

In summary, Share Food Program is committed to reducing food insecurity and building stronger communities by providing access to healthy and nutritious food, teaching cooking skills, and advocating for policies that promote food justice.


Address: 2901 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19129


Phone:  (215) 223-2220

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