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Shared Harvest Foodbank


Shared Harvest Foodbank

Addressing Hunger and Creating Hunger-Free Communities



Shared Harvest Foodbank is an organization dedicated to addressing hunger and food insecurity. With a mission to distribute food to individuals living in poverty, Shared Harvest Foodbank has been operating since 1986. Their vision is to create hunger-free communities across Southwest Ohio, promoting justice, equality, and compassion through service to others.


Vision and Mission:

Shared Harvest Foodbank aims to achieve hunger-free communities by rescuing and distributing food to those in need. They believe in the fundamental role of service to others in creating a hunger-free America. The organization values justice, equality, and compassion as they work towards their vision of a society without hunger.


All Services:

Shared Harvest Foodbank offers a range of services to combat food insecurity in the community. They maintain high standards of food safety and regularly pass AIB audits. As a Feeding America affiliated food bank, they collaborate closely with Kroger and participate in the Zero Hunger, Zero Waste program. Their services include:


  1. Food Distribution: Shared Harvest Foodbank operates a wide network of over
    • 100 food pantries,
    • soup kitchens, and
    • shelters across five counties.

They collect surplus food and distribute it to these partner organizations, ensuring that individuals facing food insecurity have access to nutritious meals.

  1. USDA’s Emergency Food Assistance Program: for sister Foodbanks in 26 additional Ohio counties. This program helps provide essential food assistance to those in need.
  2. Senior Program (CSFP): Shared Harvest Foodbank’s Senior Program, known as CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program), offers monthly boxes of nutritious food to individuals over 60 years old who meet income requirements. This initiative aims to support the nutritional needs of seniors and improve their overall well-being.
  3. SNAP Application Assistance: Shared Harvest Foodbank has an outreach team that assists individuals in applying for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), ensuring that eligible individuals have access to this vital support.
  4. Backpack Programs: The Foodbank conducts backpack programs to provide food to elementary and Head Start students facing chronic hunger. These programs help ensure that children have access to nutritious meals, both at school and at home.
  5. Drive-Thru Food Distributions: Shared Harvest organizes drive-thru food distributions on-site and at offsite locations. This approach allows individuals to receive food without leaving their vehicles, providing a convenient and safe way to access food assistance.


Become a Volunteer:

Shared Harvest Foodbank welcomes volunteers who are passionate about fighting hunger and making a difference in their community. Volunteers can contribute in various ways, including sorting and packing food, assisting with distribution events, and supporting administrative tasks. By volunteering with the Foodbank, individuals can directly impact the lives of those experiencing food insecurity and contribute to the mission of creating hunger-free communities.


Make Donations:

Donations play a crucial role in supporting Shared Harvest Foodbank’s efforts to address hunger. Individuals can make monetary donations through the organization’s website. Additionally, donors may receive tax deductions and be recognized in the organization’s newsletter and website for their contributions. Donations help ensure that Foodbank can continue rescuing and distributing food to individuals and families in need.



Shared Harvest Foodbank is committed to rescuing and distributing food to combat hunger and food insecurity. They strive to create hunger-free communities across Southwest Ohio. Through collaboration with partner organizations, volunteers, and generous donations, Shared Harvest Foodbank works tirelessly to address the pressing issue of hunger and improve the lives of individuals and families in need.




Address: 5901 Dixie Hwy Fairfield, OH, United States, Ohio 45014


Phone:  +1 513-874-0114


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